Prison Abolition, Daniel Hazen: Madness Radio

What is it like for a prisoner diagnosed with mental illness? Should we have more mental health treatment in prison -- or should we work to abolish our prison system? Daniel Hazen spent three years in prison and experienced firsthand the ways prison creates madness. Today he is director of Voices of the Heart, a... Continue Reading →

Life as a meditation: my contemplative adventure

‎”Formal” meditation — the kind where you set aside a specific time and sit on a cushion…I don’t do all that often anymore and that has been the case since I’ve been seriously ill. First it became impossible, but then I found another way of meditating deeply. What happened with my illness is that I learned that formal meditation is not always necessary for everyone, though I did start with more formal sitting years ago and it’s likely that it’s a good place to start, in general, if at all possible.

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