Transit of Venus

The Transit of Venus was reminder of what a tiny speck of rock we live upon. A third of the way closer to the Sun than we are, our sister speck is only slightly smaller than the Earth. This wondrous once in a life-time event took place yesterday.

The slowness of slow tapers (safer withdrawal from psychiatric medications)

Below I'm sharing an article written by by Rhi Griffith for the withdrawal board, Surviving Antidepressants. It is republished here with her permission. Certainly this is something anyone with trouble tapering and withdrawing from psychotropics should consider -- a very very slow taper. Rarely are people able to have such patience but it can clearly help and often it will be the only way one is successful. To be clear, without further clinical research we can't ultimately know exactly what goes wrong with tapers when people fall iatrogenically ill -- especially relatively slow ones that still go bad (mine took 6 years after all and I'm very physically ill anyway. The argument could perhaps also be made that I should have doubled the time). Frankly it may or may not have been the pace of withdrawal that was the problem for me. I was, in fact, already sickened by the drugs before I even started the withdrawal and that is not unusual. That said it's always worth considering and paying attention to what your body wants and needs when you're doing a taper and certainly far too many people taper too quickly and that is very clear. Rhiannon says in the piece below:

The individuation process: growing into a mature human being

Suppression, repression, oppression -- sadly the way of psychiatry most of the time. My mind is free to roam now again after more than two decades of shut-down. There is great joy in experiencing the full spectrum of what it is to be human. Even as there is pain, too. If we wish to mature and live a full life this process is a necessary part of experience. (more by Carl Jung)

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