Poem of madness and healing

‘Let me emerge with my gift of wisdom Mysterious experience, a seed in dark soil I come back from the underworld bearing gifts for the soul I know how to shine light in a dark place...

I've "reblogged" from David Chapman's blog before. It consistently hits the nail on the head for me. And sometimes articulates things that are only beginning to bubble forth in me. I love that it helps inform my own understanding of the nature of reality.

The self-illusion

by PAUL WOODWARD The best stories make sense. They follow a logical path where one thing leads to another and provide the most relevant details and signposts along the way so that you get a sense of continuity and cohesion. This is what writers refer to as the narrative arc – a beginning, middle and an end. If a sequence of events does not follow a narrative, then it is incoherent and fragmented so does not have meaning. Our brains think in stories. The same is true for the self and I use a distinction that William James drew between the self as “I” and “me.” Our consciousness of the self in the here and now is the “I” and most of the time, we experience this as being an integrated and coherent individual – a bit like the character in the story. The self which we tell others about, is autobiographical or the “me” which again is a coherent account of who we think we are based on past experiences, current events and aspirations for the future. ...

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