the PRACTICE of embracing what is…

At the end of this post there is a note for mental health professionals in particular. If you are a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, etc. please be sure to scroll down and read it after reading the introduction below. I was talking about the practice of accepting that which is in a withdrawal group and it was requested that I put together a list of posts that speak to how to go about doing this. So I've done that below. I've collected posts that speak to embracing the full spectrum of our emotional inheritance as human beings. I've found that without acknowledging and integrating the darkest part of our psyches we cannot heal. We also cannot become fully mature adult human beings. One need not be labeled "mentally ill" or be sick for this to be an important part of our life's work.

“Sensations in the body are ground zero, the place where we directly experience the entire play of life”

All our strategies of trying to control life through blaming or withdrawing are aimed at keeping us from raw experience. In the pause, rather than getting lost in our reactive thoughts and actions, we become directly aware of what is happening in our body. We begin to see how interconnected our mind and body are.... Continue Reading →

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