Rethinking Madness: Towards a Paradigm Shift in our Understanding and Treatment of Psychosis

I just received my copy of Rethinking Madness, which Paris Williams, the author, mailed to me. It's truly an essential text for anyone who wants to understand the psyche, particularly such phenomena that is considered psychotic and mad. One of the many things he explores which is critically important, is that even within the field of tranpersonal psychology there is a bias against people who have "genuine" psychosis as opposed to "spiritual emergence."

Healing as opposed to curing

We thought we could cure everything, but it turns out that we can cure only a small amount of human suffering. The rest of it needs to be healed and that’s different.

Another Way: peer recovery program in Vermont, featured on NPR

Another Way is a community center by and for psychiatric survivors in Montpelier, Vermont. NPR recently came to Vermont and featured us in a small segment. They were covering the impact of Tropical Storm Irene, which last year knocked out the state hospital. The good news: in the process of trying to replace the hospital, the Vermont legislature and the Department of Mental Health wove together a bill that's actually quite progressive, and includes such jawdroppers as: "The commissioner of mental health shall coordinate a geographically diverse system and continuum of mental health care throughout the state that shall include at least the following: (3) alternative treatment options for individuals seeking to avoid or reduce reliance on medications." Part of the mix is a million dollars for a Soteria-Vermont, and another million dollars for peer support services. Another Way will be one of many recipients of some of the new money.

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