And sometimes, when the heart fully opens, it breaks with grief first…

And sometimes, when the heart fully opens, it breaks with grief first. ~ Sara Harris - - - - - - - First posted on Facebook.

Be yourself!

To be truly oneself is the height of good "mental-health." Sometimes it's damn scary to come out to who one really is...this can be a universal experience regardless of ones sexual identity. And yet her particular story which engages the societal terror about sexual identity in our culture is also of particular importance. Her speech is one that many can learn from. Hats off to sister Lana!!

Some thoughts on stopping psychiatric medications

It's not always a good idea to come off psychiatric drugs...the push to do it no matter what is irresponsible. I've said it before on this blog but I'm not sure people hear it. People tend to read what they want to see I find. That's not to say I saw another way for myself...I didn't...and often there is no other way. People simply get really sick ON the drugs and the only way to get healthy again is to stop them and let the body heal. Most people do recover in time. I still have no regret for having come off the drugs even as seriously crippled as I am. The alternative was not more attractive for me and that remains true. But I sure as hell don't assume that is the case for many and maybe even most people who have been on many drugs for many years.

Christian contemplative prayer/meditation

I'm sharing some Christian contemplatives today. I generally share information from Eastern traditions or that which is largely influenced by Eastern tradition, but the fact is I've been greatly influenced by the Christian mystics too and the contemplative practice in the Christian tradition is deeply meaningful as well. Modern Western mystics have largely abandoned the... Continue Reading →


Ecopsychology is not a discipline, so much as it is a social movement, a world view,” he says. Although practitioners have evolved a number of diverse treatment methods, from conducting therapy sessions out of doors to helping clients grieve toxic spills and species loss, Doherty says one of the unifying ideas in ecopsychology is its attempt to integrate a different set of questions into clinical practice. What, for example, does it mean to live as part of the web of life, but to behave as if we didn’t?

be at home in the world

Meditation is not just a rest or retreat from the turmoil of the stream or the impurity of the world. It is a way of being the stream, so that one can be at home in both the white water and the eddies. Meditation may take one out of the world, but it also puts one totally into it.

For all who hold toxic secrets that are making them sick

I suggested in a post a week or so ago that many people who are medicated for so-called mental illness are holding traumatic secrets. I shared a noxious secret in that post. We live in a culture where it's often not safe to reveal these things. The mental health system largely likes to pretend these things don't... Continue Reading →

Cat yoga, meditation and inspiration…

This is a compilation post of some things I've shared before and some that I have not. My cat is often a source of inspiration.  All my pets have been, but this post is inspired by Jezebel who is my remaining living cat at the moment. Here's an article that was inspired by her, but... Continue Reading →

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