I’m sharing a small excerpt from an article on ecopsychology here. Then below this are other posts on this blog that consider our connection to the world around us and why it matters.

Ecopsychology is not a discipline, so much as it is a social movement, a world view,” he says. Although practitioners have evolved a number of diverse treatment methods, from conducting therapy sessions out of doors to helping clients grieve toxic spills and species loss, Doherty says one of the unifying ideas in ecopsychology is its attempt to integrate a different set of questions into clinical practice. What, for example, does it mean to live as part of the web of life, but to behave as if we didn’t? (continue reading)

h/t Integral Options Cafe — more info there on ecopsychology too

The question about what it means to live life as though we are not connected to all is urgently important at this point in our history on this planet. Because if we don’t collectively come to understand that everything matters, we will sadly be headed for doom. It’s wonderful to see this line of thinking enter into the realm of what mental health professionals are thinking about.

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