Your adverse drug reaction is NOT just an anecdote

Scroll down to see the Dr. David Healy's video: Not Just an Anecdote Just an FYI. This is a constructive way to get the information so many of us have learned the hard way out to others and prevent the grave harm that has happened to us from happening to others. Go report your adverse events upon coming off psychiatric or other pharmaceuticals. Information is below.

Stop taking your meds, right now… (NOT!)

Some people are so terrified and reactive they assume that I am somehow suggesting that everyone come off their meds. Like right now. It's a sad reflection of exactly how fear based most treatment and care in mental health is...people cannot even conceive of actually having a choice in these matters. Not only is it very unsafe and potentially quite dangerous to come off meds precipitously, the truth is I'm also extremely open to the huge differences in our personal experiences and have great respect for the choices individuals make whether they choose to medicate or not. ... [click on title for the rest of the post]

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