Let’s make “MAKE ME NORMAL” happen!

An email from Mitch the director and producer of the film. If you can’t contribute monetarily you can pass the info on to others who might be able to.

makeHappy Sunday!

Live from shooting in Detroit, exciting news! With just 4 days left on our Indiegogo campaign, a “MYSTERY DONOR” has pledged $10,000 to MAKE ME NORMAL ($6500 during our campaign, $3500 next month)… but only if we can get to 400 Backers by Tuesday! At this point, that means we need to add 93 NEW backers in 2 days to get this crucial boost for our film! For even a $1 donation, people can join our campaign and add $10,000 to our fundraising! Now that’s good numbers.

And we’re less than $3k away from reaching 50% funded– can we do both in one weekend? Note: This Mystery Donor is also a primary physician who knows first-hand there’s a problem, and believes whole-heartedly in the need for this film. Let’s make it happen! We’ll be showing a work-in-progress sample of the film at Lincoln Center during “IFP Week” in 5 weeks– so each contribution goes towards making it even more amazing.

** Can you spread the word about our campaign via Email, Facebook and Twitter? (Our studies show emails work best!)


* We created a Facebook Event to easily spread the word and add your friends:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1406347736247452

Twitter: Follow us and let people know about our matching donation drive for new backers! Follow & tag: @MakeMeNormalDoc

For E-MAILS, here’s some hand-crafted language (pick whatever works for you!):

Are medicalizing normal human behavior? Documentary film MAKE ME NORMAL, by director Mitch McCabe (HBO’s Youth Knows No Pain) and producer Jeff Kusama-Hinte (Kids Are All Right, Polanski: Wanted and Desired) takes a hard-boiled look at the current state of mental health treatment in America. With 1 in 3 Americans diagnosed mentally ill and 20% (and rising) on psychiatric prescription drugs, the film explores recent controversies in the psychiatry field, the rise of diagnosed mental illness, Pharma  and our new definition of “normal”— all set against the infighting over new psychiatric guidelines under the new DSM-5 (nick-named the “Psychiatry Bible”). Shouldn’t we have more independent studies, better care, more transparency, less medicalizing of human experience? Ultimately the film forces us to ask ourselves “What happened to normal?” 

View some recently uploaded clips from our work-in-progress:


MAKE ME NORMAL *Pitch Video*:

WILL HALL on current rise in suicide:

Again, THANK YOU for reading, and for your amazing support so far on this campaign! We are truly humbled by your support in this little film and on this big issue. Without you, we would not be able to be at IFP Week at Lincoln Center next month, a crucial part of the process of pushing this project up the hill and hitting it out of the park to completion. Have a GREAT weekend!


Mitch McCabe, director
Jeff Kusama-Hinte, producer
Anita Anthonj & Jeremy Goldstein, Associate Producers

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