This is it. Pay attention.

thisAs soon as we let go of the notion that there is the possibility of a life other than the one that is, we move away from suffering and into a deeper level of peace and acceptance.  There isn’t some other reality that would be a better chance for you to accept yourself than this one.  This is it.  Pay attention. –  Cheri Huber

Oh, yeah. As soon as I stopped thinking and believing that I’d “lost” most of my life to drugs, to iatrogenesis etc, was when I really started healing. There is joy in the darkness and there are answers in the confusion if you look. Life is amazing and it’s amazing whether you’re kicking and screaming and resisting it or if you’re embracing it and loving it. I’ve found it preferable to cultivate the latter. And yes, it takes cultivation…it’s no easy “choice” as the new agers would have you believe. Sometimes choices take discipline and lots of time. We live in a quick fix society in a world where there are no quick fixes. We need to apply ourselves but that can be joyous along with painful and difficult too. Deeply experiencing life means experiencing the whole emotional spectrum. It in fact demands experiencing the whole spectrum. We cannot run and hide from nature.

Cheri Huber has been a long-standing influence in my life. I read her book There Is Nothing Wrong With You, after I’d been drugged into a stupor. It stayed with me and I know it planted the seeds of my freedom from the pharmaceuticals. It may seem a long and twisted path, but I couldn’t do what I’m doing now without the experience I’ve had on those drugs. I can now help others NOT have the experience I had. That is okay by me. I’m glad to be of service in this way.

A post about the book There Is Nothing Wrong With You

And yes, this is it, pay attention.

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