(UPDATE: to be clear -- I DO NOT INTEND TO STOP BLOGGING, but my muse needs to learn how to get inspirations from whatever I end up creating in this more internet free world. That means it's likely there will be a slow down.) I am taking a (partial) hiatus from things social media and internet. On Saturday Sept 28 I discontinued most subscriptions to news and blogs and I'm no longer engaged on my blog Facebook and Twitter accounts. I've decided I need to withdraw (in large part) the still considerable amount of energy I put into my life on the internet in order to reallocate that energy into things in the real world. This has been happening slowly over the last few years anyway, but given my still limited energy and continued great need for healing I am extending it further. I find that following those I follow on social media along with all the news and blog feeds I follow demands a whole lot of energy. Re-allocating it all seems like a very good idea right now. … [click on title to read more]

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