Iatrogenic injury in medical care (question all your treatment always, dentistry too)

Iatrogenic injury at epidemic levels...When I got my wisdom teeth pulled at age sixteen I got very sick and actually passed out on the bathroom floor at one point because I was not tolerating the antibiotics and painkillers they gave me. I was also sick for over a week and in excruciating pain. There is good reason to question the necessity of getting those teeth pulled. The psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome I've been faced with for the last several years has made me see all the medical "care" I've gotten throughout my lifetime in a radically different light. For example, had I not been heavily prescribed antibiotics throughout my entire childhood (I took them for months at a time) I would likely not be sick now...that was the foundation of my path to chronic illness. That is because antibiotics destroy the microbiome and we need a healthy microbiome. … [click on title to read more]

A shaman is a man or woman with a special calling to live in two realities at once

A shaman is a man or woman with a special calling to live in two realities at once--- the ordinary world we all know well and a deeper, higher reality, both transcendent and profoundly interior, where everything has a spiritual meaning. The shaman sometimes carries a ladder to symbolize the comings and goings between these worlds, and the drum, one of the tools of his trade, may have markings that show the two worlds within a single circle. With his visionary ability to see the spiritual nature of an illness and perceive deep stories hidden within events, a shaman heals and advises his people. … [click on title to read more]

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