Sexual objectification: a mental health issue too

All forms of inequality can lead to trauma in various ways. Trauma is associated with most of what gets labeled mental illness. When people routinely feel a lack of acknowledgment it’s not good for anyone. How we treat others also impacts us. So this is an unhealthy reality for both men and women. It’s part of our culture that is generally traumatizing in far too many ways. Coming to understand these patterns and recognize them helps us disengage from them as well. Paying attention begins the process of change. One can be mindful of gender inequality too. Being mindful is a skill that can help elucidate our entire lives. 

What is sexual objectification and why is it a big deal? In this video I give a (very brief) overview of our culture’s sexual objectification problem and how it contributes to gender and sexual inequality in every sphere of life — as well as perpetuating rape culture.


Women in the media (this effects our mental health too! That of men and women both!)

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