Beyond Meds: top 10 posts of 2014 and of all time

top tenI generally find numbered lists annoying but this is one I do every year. I do find the end of year stats interesting and it seems fair enough to share some of them with the readers of this blog without whom there would be no stats.

I continue to be pleased to know this blog is being used as the resource I’d hoped it would become. Most of the highest trafficked posts are collections from the archives which allow people to peruse by subject matter. They’re listed beneath this years top posts. They’re also always readily available from the drop down menus at the very top of the blog along with a lot of other collections from the archives.

Updated comment: something wonderful happened this year in the stats for the top 10 posts…previous years only the posts speaking about controversial and generally disturbing information about the tragic state of affairs in psychiatry and PHARMA made the top ten. It would bum me out a bit in that all the solution oriented stuff wasn’t as popular. Well this year that changed. There were several posts that challenge us to think differently as well as other posts with solution and therapeutic alternatives explored. For real change to happen this interest must continue and grow.  

There are 587 posts from this year and 4,613 total on the blog. I’m starting with the top 10 that were written this year:

  1. Carl Jung’s Words of Advice for the Depressed — By Jason E. Smith

  2. On belief and believing…

  3. Why do psychiatric drugs have withdrawal syndromes?

  4. My growing herb list: healing with plants

  5. “I wrote a new story for my nervous system” — neurosculpting, neuroplasticity

  6. Psychiatry causes harm and it’s widely denied: psychiatrist shares her sadness about her profession

  7. Grief is subversive

  8. The mal-practice of psychiatry – By Paul Levy

  9. Do antidepressants work?

  10. A blend of Buddhism and psychology

  11. A horrifying journey through the medical system  — I’m including a number eleven because this was just posted a couple of weeks ago and so is still getting traffic and is such an important story told at a TEDmed event. A video is a wonderful way to help educate people who might not otherwise read articles about these issues.

And these are the top from the entire body of work. The first two were the actual two most trafficked post on the blog this year.

  1. Mental illness, addiction & most chronic illness is linked to childhood loss & trauma  –This was the number one post.  A fun detail: this post was first posted a year ago in December and this just this month it got the most hits ever and in just the last two weeks has now gotten over 46,000 additional hits in just that time! I love it…couldn’t have been a better post that touches on the heart of so many foundational issues. If you’ve not read it yet and watched the video, it’s well worth it. And then you might pass it on as well.

  2. Lamictal (lamotrigine) withdrawal from hell – this has always, since it was first posted in 2007 been one of the top posts every year. Actually this is the first year it was not number one.  I think this is because information of lamictal withdrawal remains scarce.

  3. Chemical imbalance myth takes a big public fall — commentary and a collection of articles and links on topic

  4. Psychiatric drug withdrawal and protracted withdrawal syndrome round-up

  5. Drug free recovery from depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc…

  6. Psychosis recovery: stories, information and resources

  7. Psychiatric drug withdrawal 101

  8. Lamictal (lamotrigine) redux: a collection

  9. Benzodiazepine info, news, resources & recovery stories

  10. Mental health and diet: nutrition and gut health

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