Yoga is for everyone and every body type

fatI was happy to see this article I’m sharing below. Yoga is for everyone and all body types. Granted not all yoga studios understand this reality and some are not very comfortable for people who don’t feel they fit into the scene. I recommend finding somewhere you feel safe to practice. If you can’t find a class YouTube is a great teacher. I learned yoga at home by necessity because I couldn’t leave the house. Just listen to your body and never do anything that doesn’t feel comfortable. It’s really not that complicated.


They’re Not Afraid to Say It: ‘Fat Yoga’

“Many fat people have had terrible experiences at a regular studio, where the teacher assumes they’re a beginner, is unwilling to touch them or is condescending and sees them through their own prejudice,” said Ragen Chastain, a writer in Los Angeles who blogs at

She said she applauds the honest labeling of these specialized studios.  (read more)

I still do most of my daily yoga routine at home simply because my nervous system demands I do my own thing. Following a teacher for an hour (or more) just isn’t usually an option. There are a lot of reasons people might, for other reasons what to practice at home if there isn’t a local studio where they feel safe and comfortable. It’s truly doable.

Below are some posts where I talk about my yoga practice. There are some yoga videos included too that are suitable for beginners.

Lots more yoga links here.  Just scroll down.

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