Homemade ghee (clarified butter) #Foodie Friday

It’s been a long time since I did a food post. I suppose some of you don’t know that I do that sometimes. There is a collection here on Beyond Meds. I also have a food blog that I’ve not posted on in a long time that has a lot more variation because I was doing it while my diet kept changing and changing as I learned what my body needed at any given time.

I didn’t tolerate any dairy for several years. During that time I learned that many people who don’t tolerate dairy can tolerate ghee because there are no milk solids in ghee. I found that I could, indeed, eat ghee without any reactions. I also discovered that ghee made from grass-fed cow milk actually is high in vitamin K and other nutrients and so it’s actually a healthy and nutrient dense fat. Healthy fats are very good for the healing brain. My nervous system and brain were severely injured by the psych drug use and withdrawal: this is healing medicine food.  I continue to enjoy ghee and make it regularly even though I can now tolerate raw goats milk kefir which I also very much enjoy now. I choose not to eat other dairy now simply because pasteurized cow’s milk is a dead food with little going for it. It’s truly not a healthy food.

I process three pounds of ghee at a time since the finished product is shelf stable for up to 6 months and often more depending on where you live and the temperature of the environment. Kept in the fridge or freezer it will keep even longer than that.

From Wikipedia: “Ghee, although a type of clarified butter, differs slightly in its production. The process of creating traditional clarified butter is complete once the water is evaporated and the fat (clarified butter) is separated from the milk solids. However, the production of ghee includes simmering the butter along with the milk solids so that they caramelize, which makes it nutty-tasting and aromatic.”


The ghee turned out lovely and clear. The light coming through actually makes it look cloudy in the picture. During the cooler months it does go a bit solid once it cools.

Ghee is easy to make. First make sure the butter is from grass-fed cows and that it’s unsalted. I get Kerry Gold a brand from Ireland’s grass-fed cows. It’s available at Trader Joe’s for a good price.

I make it in the oven. I melt the butter on the stove-top first at high heat and then I put it in the oven in a deep pot at 250 degrees F and let it simmer for about three or four hours … I make a lot at one time that way and I barely have to tend to it until it’s done. When it’s all separated I use cheese cloth to strain out the milk solids and put it into mason jars as the photo above shows.

Here is a post from Judith Tsafrir MD that gives a crock pot recipe for those who might prefer that. Liquid Gold

You can check you-tube and google for more examples on how to make ghee if you need them.

Eating wholesome whole real food is important for body/mind/spirit health and well-being. I’ve written a lot about my adventure with diet and healing here:  Nutrition and gut health, Mental health and diet

And you can find more Foodie posts and recipes here.

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