Diet and nutrition dogmatic ideologies are everywhere

I read all dietary advice with a grain of salt and then let my body tell me more. Still it remains a constant mine-field  if you spend too much time in diet and nutrition circles.

Everyone has an opinion about diet and most of it is simply only that. There’s so much we simply don’t really know about how our bodies heal. Once you have a reasonable working understanding that whole real food is good it’s best to then go out and do your own experiments with your own body and try not to go down too many dogmatic rabbit-holes. Diet and nutrition dogmatic ideologies are everywhere…trust your body above and beyond what anyone says. Trust your body above what you’d really like to be true too.   Sometimes the truth of what our bodies need isn’t what our ego would ideally like. 

I’ve come to this after reading about and trying a multitude of whole real food diets. We all have to develop some discernment and it takes time and some effort, no doubt. No one else is living in your body, however, so it’s worth it to work on developing some body felt-sense so that you can come to understand what your body wants and needs.

My body has needed and wanted different things at different times. I respond to it moment by moment now. Prescriptions and protocols of any kind are contradictory to this and so I don’t do well with either. Anyone dealing with a lot of sensitivities are likely to find that prescriptions and protocols are problematic.  Many of us with protracted psychiatric drug withdrawal issues or chronic illnesses have such issues.

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