Waking up, food intolerances and chronic illness

Waking up and healing the body of autoimmune, chronic illness etcetera – are destructive processes that then require rebuilding of both body & psyche. Healing, as an act of both destruction and creation, requires Kali energy. I was not consciously aware of this when she first entered my life. See: Goddess Kali posts

When it’s come to food intolerances I’ve learned that which I don’t tolerate most is often what I need the most…This is a very difficult conundrum and razors edge to walk. the intolerance is real and physiological. Sometimes even life-threatening. See: Becoming conscious is risky business

Walking into that catch 22, repeatedly, is necessary to heal…it’s facing your worst nightmare, over and over and over again. They shun us and cut us off if we speak to it. Radical healing is serious business and we might not come out alive. We must face death.

Face death and the rest will follow.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. – Psalm 22


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2 thoughts on “Waking up, food intolerances and chronic illness

  1. I, only, want to share something I have learned concerning food and beverage and the body. This is only as it applies to me; but, if it resonates with anyone reading this; that is fine, also. Years ago, I had a very allergic reaction to “alcohol” after an evening of drinking with friends. After that, I never drank again. Almost tragically, when they did start prescribing these toxic psychiatric drugs to me; they never questioned me about my past history or allergy to alcohol. In fact, they discussed with me any medical history or family medical history and yet, they went ahead and prescribed these toxic drugs. For awhile, I cook eat foods cooked with alcohol; wine, etc. But, now, I can not even eat foods cooked with any kind of alcohol. I have also learned that yeast-bearing foods release alcohol; so, I avoid all yeasty breads, doughnuts, etc. I do eat “quick breads”, tortillas, biscuits, and corn bread. Pie crusts are fine for me. I also avoid chocolate as it does similar things to the brain as alcohol. Finally, I avoid the All-American Holiday food; Turkey. The tryptophan in Turkey, I have found to be very adverse to me. I have tried several times to be a vegetarian and although, I greatly admire those who are vegetarians, I just get sick. I have also found diets that specifically tell you to eat this and avoid this are dangerous This is because your body and brain will tell you (if you listen) what you can and can not eat. In times of great stress, increased activity, symptoms of a sickness like a cold or such, or when advised by body and/or brain, I increase my protein intake. Eating is a highly personal things. This idea of one size fits all in diets can literally kill you. The other point is sometimes you must ignore the “do-gooders” who think they can tell you how to eat or what to eat or not to eat or those who stand critical of your decisions to eat or not eat something. Sometimes, the only thing you can eat is a “pop tart” and I confess, I have never able to give up my “Diet Coke” but I can’t drink coffee, because it causes me slight confusion and no memory under its influence. (This started way before the toxic drugs) And now, sometimes, I have to avoid iced tea or even fruit drinks for several days at a time. Thank you.


    1. Hi Monica
      I dont really understand. Since I got extremely medicated at age 16, I have been allergic to milk, gluten and sugar so I dont eat it. When you provocate the immune system, this happen. I would not start eating it again, but do you think I should?
      Greetings and thank you for a great blog that keeps med sane in a insane world


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