Earning a living

I realized I can no longer continue to put out the energy involved in maintaining this website and the Facebook page  until I find ways to be regularly compensated for all of the many hours of work involved. I’ve been essentially giving away a huge chunk of life force for the last (almost) decade. Much of that has made me happy and helped me heal in profound ways but at this point it’s becoming counterproductive to moving forward. I need to earn a living, plain and simple. Outside of a few donations (that I’ve been deeply grateful for) I work for no compensation and I engage with hundreds of people on a monthly basis. It’s energetically hugely demanding. I am now taking steps to change that and will be pairing back all involvement on social networks until I find ways of being compensated for work that I do.

If you are interested in hiring me for consultations or speaking engagements that may be something I can start to do as my body allows. For now I cannot travel but I can Skype in or do things via phone. I may need to heal a bit more before I can make too many set commitments. I do have one interview scheduled that I will go ahead and do since I already committed to it. That is with Dabney Alix for the Shades of Awakening programs she does. I look forward to that. I love talking to Dabney and it should be a great show.

I don’t imagine I’ll disappear from social networks but I do intend to cut back. If I post stuff on Facebook I’ll need to maybe not engage in the conversation threads. I truly need to take care of myself in some deep ways that I’ve been avoiding. Earning a living should not be considered an optional thing. Starting now I will cease to act as though it is. Surviving in a capitalistic world isn’t easy but I plan to start figuring it out now so that I can heal more deeply.

In the meantime if you’d like to support the work I do in small ways you can visit the STORE to find various ways to do that. Some of them are totally painless, like clicking through to Amazon from this page and then doing the shopping you’d be doing there anyway with no obligation to purchase what Beyond Meds was recommending. You could make that a habit if you’d like.

Thank you for all your time and love and understanding. There is one of me and hundreds of you. It gets challenging sometimes and right now I need to regroup.

P.S. This is largely about reallocating my energy and seeing how things unfold and settle. I’m not planning on anything absolute. I am in process…So, to be clear:  I remain committed to serving those who’ve been injured by psychiatric drugs and trauma in general. I simply need some time to find ways to make it sustainable. I wanted to thank everyone for all the love and support shared in the last post. I am, in part, taking a break is so I can finish some intense energetic healing work that I’m in the midst of now…I suspect nothing will be the same when it’s resolved. I expect to be renewed in good time. I’m deeply grateful for the loving support I feel from you all.

Support Beyond Meds. Enter Amazon via a link from this blog and do the shopping you’d be doing anyway. No need to purchase the book the link takes you to or make a donation with PayPal. Thank you!

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