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All dogma is fear. One might even say all belief is fear. Belief and dogma are different shades of the same color. – travel lightly through the beliefs of others…all that written on this site too….feel free to discard whatever you pick up as soon as it is no longer helpful. 

I continue to heal by diet. Diet heals the gut and soothes and heals the nervous system and all the organs slowly over time. In my mind herbs and some few supplements from time to time as needed are included in dietary approaches. Most of my “supplements” however, at this point are whole foods or natural occurring substances like seaweeds, shilajit and other “super foods” (densely nutritious foods). I pretty much avoid that which is created in the laboratory in any way. That means next to no synthesized vitamins, amino acids etc. There have been some occasions where exceptions to this has been appropriate for some time but the more I learn the less I need to partake of such substances. I do continue to love herbs which I buy whole, dried, in bulk and make tea, tea, tea. I don’t do well with tinctures and encapsulated herbs are often of very poor quality. Again, on occasion I may use those methods of ingesting herbs, but not as a habit. I do what is right for me at any given time and that is going to vary.

I’m sharing a book today. Healing With Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition. The reason I was drawn to this work is because Paul Pitchford understands my experience with food as psychedelic and about food “reactions” having correlates in the psyche. Reactions that remain biological and physiological realities that can even be deadly at times. They act like true allergies. Healing requires engaging body/mind and spirit all. I love that this is intrinsic to his work.

The fact is, again, we are profoundly holistic and everything matters. The chapter on emotional healing through food is what convinced me the author could be helpful. He calls the process of healing “harmonization.” I LOVE that. I’ve spoken to Paul on the phone twice and it was a joy to find someone who could instantaneously enter into my process and not even have a whole lot of direct experience with folks who’ve been injured by psych drugs. It was unnecessary because he understood something more foundational about how such injuries occur. He understands my body/mind/spirit.

Below is the excerpt that convinced me Paul Pitchford understood my process before I even spoke to him. I was not disappointed. As I often do, I am sharing what has worked for me. Indeed what is working for me right now. I do not ever make any assumptions about what will help others. We’re all different and different modalities speak to us. Different modalities may also be appropriate at different times for different people.

emotions Heal whole foods

Pitchford has a background in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. I found him to be not in the least bit impressed with the histamine intolerance framework and he’s helping me more than any professional has been able to. Personally, I think that’s because that frame remains entrenched in a largely allopathic system of care. So while the histamine intolerance window into my issues was very helpful and even critical when I found it, it’s ceased to be the most important thing now. The big picture is bigger than histamine and food sensitivities and mast cells and it’s really nice to work with someone who can hold those issues in a much bigger context and actually help me. Diagnosis such as histamine intolerance, in my mind, are raising symptoms up to the level of diagnosis (not unlike psychiatric diagnosis, really) which can really make folks feel stuck. Anyway, he’s the first professional from whom I can actually benefit from his direct suggestions and not instead get hurt. He really gets inside my process and hears me and understands like no one I’ve encountered. It’s FUN to talk to him. Below is a bit more from the beginning of his book: Healing With Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition
intro Heal Whole Foods

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