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All dogma is fear. One might even say all belief is fear. Belief and dogma are different shades of the same color. – travel lightly through the beliefs of others…all that written on this site too….feel free to discard whatever you pick up as soon as it is no longer helpful. 


This started as a status update on Facebook and grew into a post. Sorry about it’s disjointed presentation. I just figured I’d share it here for those who don’t engage in the social media circus that is Facebook.

I’m doing detox…hardcore, heavy metals, viruses, candida (and whatever else is being pulled out as I do this thing)…as it comes out so does the psychic sludge…all correlated with shit in the physical body, yes…really amazing and wonderful and beautiful…if also rough going…

this has been a many year process…now it’s all becoming focused and clear as I come to have some more profound understanding of this process and how it manifests for me.

I’ve written some about it…I recommend the work of Paul Pitchford who has most recently helped me understand what I’ve been doing all along and then focused me with consciousness and informed my intuitions moving forward so that it’s going much more smoothly now.

Little update because people are asking about protocols:

I don’t do protocols…they’re all far too aggressive…I let my body lead the way with an intuitive process that’s been developing over years. With the injured nervous system protocols are pretty much always far too aggressive, and frankly a protocol is, by definition, not considering individuals…it’s someone else’s trip imposed on others.

Sometimes they work for some people but those of us with these sort of injuries and chronic illnesses that are marked with severe hyper-sensitivities can’t do detox outside of gentle food based dietary changes for a long time in some instances…it then takes many years. I’ve been detoxing slowly mostly by gentle dietary means for years. I can now, finally, do more targeted detox. Everyone is different…so I rarely give particulars about my journey. We all have to figure out stuff for our selves. “Protocols” for me are dangerous!  Copying another exactly is also not wise.

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