(ART SHOW) Therapeutic face/body painting for PTSD: by the gifted Katya Wild

(photo: artwork entitled I AM THE WORLD I SEE) – scroll down for several more photos

Editor’s note: I would like to make a brief point for clarity. I put “PTSD” in the title of this post so that it might be best understood by the masses and they might click through to see this work. I feel like the responses we have to trauma, are in fact, normal and not disordered. We see Katya, using the fodder from her trauma to create and transform and heal…this is a sign of deep health and wellbeing in my mind. Trauma will not stop this woman. She is one of the most beautiful people I know her willingness to be honest and real, always. That, again, is an unusual sign of profound well-being, in my mind. If we are sensitive, we are impacted by the world. That is okay. 

I asked Katya, my good friend from Twitter, if I might share her incredible artwork. She agreed and shared the below words about her process:

I would call what I do emotive face painting therapy, in a daily selfie. It’s like a daily journal, but using colors on my own face. Sometimes I cannot find words or even music to express how I feel. When I am feeling an intense feeling that is troubling me or exciting me, I’ll sit in front of the mirror with my paints out and choose what color(s) I’m drawn to spontaneously.

Sometimes a simple color comes, sometimes many, sometimes an entire character or persona. Sometimes I feel the entire world, sometimes I feel the entire universe, sometimes I feel a very selfish dark feeling.

Face painting helps me literally see my own emotional state in color on my own face, and when I share THAT face online, I feel so good about myself, because I’m being my own definition of real 🙂

I create to express, not to impress (well, if I impress you, I guess that’s nice too😉) But deepest I can only hope my journey helps to inspire someone else on the healing artistic journey out there. Especially anyone struggling with depression, PTSD, loss, and feeling powerless or alone.

The Void
Face Flowers
I am the universe (1)
Tropical Bird Call
I am the universe (2)
La loba
I am the universe (3)
You can always let yourself become the sky


You can find Katya on Twitter and Instagram

One thought on “(ART SHOW) Therapeutic face/body painting for PTSD: by the gifted Katya Wild

  1. I absolutely Looooooove this work! Thank you for sharing. This is deep and beautiful.
    I often walk around painted or twinkling as it makes me smile and when I see someone else smiling I know that they ‘get it’ too.
    I wish you happiness on your journey xx


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