The below article that I link to speaks to the sort of trauma that is rising up after this latest brain injury to be cleared out of my body/mind and spirit… how do we find our way in a world that wants to diminish us? MICROAGGRESSIONS are BIG sometimes.

Demoted…by another “relatively enlightened” mental health professional

It’s an old post that speaks to the stuff we put up with everyday if we’ve been subjected to being a psych patient. All the more if we are publicly open about our experiences. This suff stays in our bodies and trauma release and deep acceptance and surrender of all sorts are necessary to purge it and heal.

You might say those labeled by psychiatry and then drugged into submission are the last group of totally oppressed individuals for whom virtually no one is looking at the bigotry and prejudice always directed at them. That stuff kills the spirit…it’s constant retraumatization and happens everywhere, everyday. As sensitives by nature we absorb this stuff in ways that will permanently harm us if we don’t start consciously working with it.
“Microaggressions occur frequently and their impact accumulates over a person’s lifetime. The cumulative effects of microaggressions are not micro.”

All oppressed groups deal with these sorts of insults. In those *labeled* mentally ill the phenomena is almost completely denied and ignored.  (“mental illness” isn’t what convention says it is)

As a social worker in the mental health system (I call it the mental illness system) I saw how the system that is purported to care for those labeled by psychiatry, also repeatedly attacked folks with a multitude of microaggressions. It’s often dangerous to submit to the systems “care.”

If you don’t think being silenced on psych drugs for years on end causes severe PTSD, think again. (all psych drugs silence the mind/body/soul by destroying the emotional process when they’re used in excess and they almost always are…for example people are generally told they need to be on them for the rest of their lives and if they want to come off they’re not given a safe means of doing it) We are harming multiple 1000s of people everyday and when some of us speak to it we’re marginalized.


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