Need to heal psych drug damage? Wonderful information on neuroplasticity.

Call it anything you like. This information is straight from life-force. It can help you heal your brain if you listen with receptivity. If you’re not used to using a Christian framework…breath while you listen and feel the energy of the words. This woman is tapped in. Listen.

Thank you Dr. Caroline Leaf for this critically important info for these times. this is the most inspired totally right on info I’ve come across and it profoundly validates the process I’ve been going through complete with the visuals I get during my own somatic process.

Note: If you have reactivity around Christianity (a lot of us do given it’s often used in ways that are detrimental to us) then this talk might not be very accessible. I was able to listen through her belief system  and pick up the real science she’s sharing and found it profoundly validating to that which I’m experiencing lately as I start to really get healthy. Remember if it doesn’t work for you that’s okay. Start wherever things are making sense to you.

(life-force is there for all of us, Christian and non-Christian…people impose their beliefs on something that is there for us all) 

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2 thoughts on “Need to heal psych drug damage? Wonderful information on neuroplasticity.

  1. I believe that I should receive financial compensation as does Monica for contributing to save my life and 1000’s of others, for our contributions and living discoveries of holistic techniques towards our recovery from psych drug and life related trauma. It was been an enormous undertaking and a financial and emotional burden, of course so worth it all. We along with other psychiatric survivors deserve a great deal more credit for our contributions to what is actual helpful towards one’s mental health and physiological recovery, as we uncover a holistic way to our respective recoveries. We are the proverbial “canaries in the coal mine” for the rest of us.


    1. Monica Cassani is a Saint, and deserves all the love and admiration of a truly wonderful, sensitive, compassionate human being.


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