Let us envision a world where this is no longer the case…

As we take over our own health care and come to know our bodies we are changing the world.

Been doing stuff like this on occasion on Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to download image straight from here or share from Facebook/Instagram if you so desire.

More: Iatrogenic (medically induced) injury

Let’s learn to LISTEN to ourselves and each other

Learn to listen to the inner guru


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5 thoughts on “Let us envision a world where this is no longer the case…

  1. First: Monica? I think I love you. and Lui? western medicine can only give you information via the “tests” they do. then you must interpret them. don’t let anyone else tell you what to do with YOU.

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    1. Boozilla, it seems that you are unaware of involuntary hospitalization and forced treatment.

      These are also enforced by the law and Justice system.

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      1. Indeed when we find ourselves in those nasty Injustice dramas it’s a nightmare. it’s what motivates me to do all my work because I’ve been there. I’ve experienced many levels of psychiatric force and police brutality. I’m sorry Lui that you find yourself in such ugliness now.

        all this harm comes about by some sort of force that happens before we’re conscious at the very least and then often continues as we learn how to extract ourselves which is a complex thing and certainly not everybody is in equally privileged positions to make such extraction happen.


      2. OH dear. I did not realize that was what you were referring to…and sadly I am well aware of these things. Which are far from just. We can only hope that those around you will reconnect with their hearts and not their opinions, so to speak. A truly awful situation and I wish you hope, at the very least.


  2. I have been devoted to alternative medicine for more than 15 years.

    I am feeling upset about being forced by family members to take part in contemporary Western medicine now.

    Having to have to go against myself to please them.

    No argument against the contemporary “illness” viewpoint wins, as opposed to the circumstances being a transformative spiritual Emergence.

    But what do they know, they’ve been going against me for years. Only now, they are having their way with me.


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