Detox, withdrawal from psych meds and chronic systemic infections (chronic illness tends to be associated with them)

update: I did test positive for lyme and several co-infections in 2020

I want to get this inquiry out there with folks in withdrawal chaos… so that we might find one another if there are others discovering what I’m getting into now.

I am cutting and pasting from two different places now:

I’m sharing this because I’m trying to find folks who may resonate from the withdrawal communities. …this is something I posted on surviving antidepressants in the withdrawal community because I don’t think I’m alone.  I want to network with any of us who are dealing with similar long-standing infections and may not realize it (and with those that do as well!).

I am not available for much one on one support...I’m interested in collecting data and info from our population for the purposes of sharing and learning so please be aware of that as a limitation I have.

Lyme disease, anyone?

I’ve been working on detoxification and clearing and opening up my detox pathways for a decade. It’s been slow and rough going for all the reasons y’all know about here. Still I have slowly come to tolerate a whole lot of detox herbs etc. I am now actually responding quite well to pretty hard-core Lyme disease protocols (Stephen Buhner’s work as inspiration) … however I had sort of accidently put together half the protocol before I realized that the Lyme’s folks were doing the same thing.

of note: I did NOT test positive for Lyme. this is not considered unusual from what I’m learning…even among folks who have it.

So I never pursued this earlier (though I certainly noticed that I had lots of common issues with the folks in Lyme communities)…thing that is becoming clear however is that I have very deep pockets of BIO-FILM with multiple infectious agents involved and for a time heavy metal too. I seem to have largely gotten the metal out…but I clearly still have some very deep and nasty bio-films that I can now treat with this modified variation of a lyme protocol (along with my own design which was happening before I connected with the Lyme community)

I have no idea if I have Lyme…I know I have infections that act like Lyme, however and it was a detox issue that landed me in the ICU in December of 2017 though at the time I did not get explicit about that because I was still figuring out what had happened. Detox is difficult and even dangerous with some of these intense BIO-Films.

anyway…if anyone has experience that might help us figure out what is going on for those of us who do, indeed, remain ill a long time and also have a lot of infections please share below your experience.

Remember we do not give unsolicited advice here…we share our experience.

updated note: if people want to comment please be specific about what I’m requesting…if you’re healthy this is not the place to brag about it. thank you. I’m actually deleting the comment that was doing that…I really can’t for the life of me figure out what the motivation for such a comment was.   (response to that person: we aren’t looking for diseases nor is this how any of us would like to be spending our time…we’re dealing with crippling illness from the drugs and doing the best we can to recover. we remain fringe and maltreated by other psych survivors because we’re not even believed by our own population…and yet there are thousands of us.)

ALSO SEE: A few of my favorite books about herbs…

This is the book by Stephen Buhner there are many others that look interesting too. 


AND yes, I could use some compensation for the many 100s of hours I’ve worked with folks over the years. Working like we do and not getting any sort of compensation that I might live more comfortably in the face of continued challenges continues to teach us what we’ve learned from psychiatry. We must not be worth it. Let’s change that patterning. If I helped you or a loved one out, please help me back now. thank you.

****We could  use some financial support at the moment! You know, for things like the mortgage so that we can maintain a roof over our heads. Yup. I do this all for no other compensation than avZ what the readers want to offer in support. Thank you!****

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12 thoughts on “Detox, withdrawal from psych meds and chronic systemic infections (chronic illness tends to be associated with them)

  1. Monica! I have been researching candida (since I had it) for 20+ years. I’ve learned a lot along the way, but the long and short of it is this –I’ve found something that WORKS, and it can help you or others who read this comment–completely rid yourselves of lymes or candida or other similar ailments. My experience and what I’ve learned so far over the last 8 months are explained below. 🙂


    Candida, Lymes, Morgellons, bacerial and mold infections, etc are ALL fungal overgrowths, and all have one HUGE thing in common: Parasites. I had no idea. I found this company called Microbe Formulas (through a facebook group). It is amazing. First, I learned that parasites sop up all biotoxins–like candida, lymes and its co-infections, etc. So the man who spent an hour on the phone with me, explained I may not see candida in the toilet, but I would see parasites. WOW, was he right.

    I’ve been fighting candida for 20+ years, and 10 years ago was misdiagnosed and put on psych meds, and that made a disaster of everything. I’ve been bedridden for the last 10 years, but I started taking just one of MF’s products, Mimiosa Pudica. MP is a plant. Their products are CLEAN! There are no fillers or excipients. They are non-GMO and organic. I didn’t know about their other products, but I have been using 2 MP capsules a day (taken on empty stomach) for 8 months. Every day for 8 months, I have been eliminating a pint to a quart a day of parasites. No joke! At one point, the parasites started slowing down, and there were 2 days in which I saw the candida! (It’s the only pretty thing in all this mess). That meant there were no available parasites to act as carriers.

    Because I’ve been on and off medications–caused by the initial misdiagnosis–and bc I am currently on them (yuck) elimination is not as great as I’d like it to be. For that reason, I’ve modified dosage, taken things slower etc.

    During the last 8 months, I had NOT ONE drop of die-off! The MP seed becomes gooey/sticky when wet, and therefore when it enters the small intestines where most of the problems are since no human or machine can reach that area, it grabs and adheres to anything it can. It doesn’t kill, which most everything else does. It grabs and drags loads of stuff through the 30 feet of intestines and into the toilet. So the amount of toxins excreted is minimal compared to anything else.

    Lymes, candida and the others, take up residence in our intestines first, and then can take up any organ as well as any part of the body. MP focuses on the intestines only. They have another product, Formula 1, which pulls the biotoxins and parasite carriers from all other parts of the body. I haven’t been able to tolerate that yet bc of constipation that the F1 causes me.

    There’s more to learn and it’s all available at They have a full protocol for anyone who is very sick with any of these ailments and is able to spend the money for the full protocol. For me, starting with just the MP made the most sense. And I’m staying on that, and finding that though the parasites had cleared up for a little while, they are now coming out again. I don’t know if once the intestines are empty, they begin re-entering from other parts of the body, or if these are simply eggs that have hatched. You generally want to stay on the MP for a minimum of 6 months–in order to catch those that hatch or come out of where they’ve burrowed–before they lay eggs, and the cycle restarts. I personally feel a year is best, especially when candida is involved. It has spores that bloom with each season change, so a full year makes me feel the most confident. After that, you maintain at least twice a year. Some people take the MP for life. I haven’t decided yet.

    The one other thing I want to mention that I hadn’t known before is that in order to CURE candida, Lymes, etc, you have to get rid of heavy metals. That is key. Otherwise, it comes back. They have a product that does that. I’m actually trying one from a different company for that.

    This is already way too long! But if anyone has questions, the company is fabulous and will answer every question you have. One of the founders had been sick with lymes for over a decade, so there’s a reason this company was formed, and a reason why everything they do is quality. You can also email me at Until I’m fully healed, I’m not able to talk, but I am willing to answer simple questions, or pass along a document or two that I’ve read and found helpful about these ailments that are so destructive. But now there is an answer and all in one place!

    Oh, lastly, I have done coffee enemas for a while. It’s not required, but a lot of people do them, as they detox the liver so well, and they detox the body so well, so that also helps minimize any die-off you might feel.

    Gosh, so much. One more thing. If you struggle with constipation, but are not on meds, they have the answer. It’s called Intestinal mover. Basically, you start with recommended dose, and continue to increase until you are going 3 times a day. Then, you reduce back down to a normal dose and hold there throughout the course of the cleanse. I hope this helps some people!!!

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    1. thanks for sharing. I’ve been aware of all of this for years too. Not everyone responds to the same thing. This is a very important point. Nothing is ever appropriate for everyone. I do appreciate your sharing your experience….thank you. I’ve done multiple cycles of these kind of detoxes…for years now. Clearing the detox pathways took that long. Period.

      Some folks really do have far more complicated stuff going on and must simply meet their bodies here and now…as we all must always…others never know what is appropriate for another.


      1. I apologize for my lengthy comment. I don’t recall all that I wrote in there :), but 10 years bedridden, according to hospice 2 weeks away from death in 2014 as my body was shutting down, more psych meds than anyone should ever even look at, and at various times throughout the last 10 years, down to 2 foods, couldn’t be around any electronics, and so much more. I don’t know–that seems complicated to me. At least it’s felt really complicated.

        I totally agree with you that every body will respond differently to everything. Like you, I’ve researched and lived this crap for a long time. 12 years total. I know, so many recommendations, and you just get tired of it and and can’t take them all in. You don’t know who I even am, so I can understand why whatever I shared didn’t sound as complicated, as hellish, as hard, as whatever.

        I know so many people with Lymes (and candida) who are now easily getting rid of all the garbage in their bodies, after decades of suffering, including the founder, who had Lymes for more than a decade.

        Their top scientist worked with the scientists in Japan after the nuclear mess. Nothing would grow, so Japan used the same binder used in these supplements to clear the ground of radiation. Things are back to normal now, and the ground will grow things. Japan requested this guy.

        Why did I come back to write a reply? I don’t know really. I guess I felt blown off. And that’s my problem. Not yours 🙂 I want all of us who have suffered for far too long, to know there’s finally an answer, that works quickly, isn’t complicated and is really different from all the rest. Here’s to our healing. ❤

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        1. All that complicated means to me is that outcomes are even more unreliable –there was no assumption that your situation was not complicated — I’m sorry if it felt that way


  2. I successfully came off APs, lithium and lamotrigine over a few years. I was left with complex trauma from the mental health services and osteopenia and osteoporosis that began in my thirties from period cessation due to hyperprolactinemia. Our NHS now states it is committed to trauma-informed care. Let’s bloody hope it is not just lip service. Thanks for your presence and disarming honesty, Monica. I’ve always admired you. What a mission you’ve got!

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  3. I can’t believe how timely this post is. I too am on a Lyme herbal protocol and have been for 1 week. After some extensive blood tests, which showed Lyme antibodies-I was bitten by a tick in 2015, I consulted with a Lyme clinic that uses herbs.

    My symptoms were very obvious to them, excessive sweating, trembling, insomina. Of course medication wd causes sweating, trembling and insomnia, so I just thought it was that. But I had a hellish time getting off of Lamictal and even thought it is a hellish medication to get off of, I feel the infection made it worse. It was so bad, I let myself be talked into a benzo, which I now am preparing to taper. I have to do it, even in the middle of this detox from Lyme because I can’t allow myself to be on the benzo long. The Lyme clinic wanted me to wait for a month to distinguish the “die off” symptoms from wd. Planning a slow, careful taper even though I will have been on the benzo about 3 months when I start.

    I’ve been incapacitated for the last 6 months with either Lyme or pharmaceutic induced agoraphobia and anxiety. Never had agoraphobia in my life. I’m determined to heal but there are days when it’s overwhelming. The insomina piece is also what hinders me a lot. Always looking for ways to get some sleep.

    I will say that the Lyme clinic is very positive about healing and I’m trying not to read too much about Lyme horror stories because I’ve done that with medication wd and it can scare me. I chose the herbal route though I know others who chose antibiotics. My symptoms probably probably started as psychological and moved to physical later on. It may be why I was medicated 4 years ago in the first place.

    Anyway, thanks again for posting this topic.

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    1. May we both respond well to whatever comes our way as we move forward. Positivity really does help by the way and I’m glad you have found some people that seem to be at least somewhat competent at dealing with the heinousness of your symptoms


  4. Dear Monica,

    Thank you for your heartfelt message today.
    It helped me very much. Wishing you continued healing and grace.

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  5. Hi Monica,

    I’ve been following you for a while now.

    I officially withdrew from Risperdal and Zoloft in August of 2015 (taking a year to come off them), having been on them for 15 years. Still affects me — and I see many parallels in your experience, as well as others, with what I’m going through — and it is comforting to know that despite “all of that”, healing does take place, as you describe.

    Sorry for using the comment space for this, but I wanted to ask, is there a way to follow your posts through RSS? Thanks so much.

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    1. thanks for the comments.

      I don’t actually know about RSS. I’ve never used RSS … you might google the question for following wordpress sites….this is a site…as opposed to one that is

      (and I really don’t mind this question…I didn’t appreciate the passive aggressive BS I got from someone else, that’s all)

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