Mini meditations for your pleasure in contemplation…

I often think in brief statements and feel less and less inclined to go on and on about much in full-length articles. I still enjoy the full-length articles when they emerge, they just are not emerging as often. And so I offer the below. Nuggets of fun stuff to think about.


Hands are astonishingly beautiful. I highly recommend gazing at and watching your hands with mindfulness and love.


the idea of controlling one’s thoughts is rather amusing as well as simple fantasy. We can watch our thoughts and grow less attached to our thoughts but controlling them isn’t on the cards. Becoming familiar with them & watching them move like the weather is a very useful skill however

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I said no to my personal mythology. Everything has radically shifted — the only paradigm: the unknown.

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“if I can do it anyone can” – yeah, that’s BS…we’re all different so even if something looks similar on the surface the contexts of our lives are endlessly varied. When we value our differences we can start to listen to the other rather than assume we know anything about them


We need to be aware of when we’re projecting…at this point I figure, if I’m feeling it, it’s mine. That’s not a popular opinion among those who call themselves “empaths.” Come on though…we’re either all connected or we’re not. Project and be in spiritual bypass or we can be radical and own our shit and grow and be healthy.

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We shoot for the stars when we really need to be shooting for the dirt underneath our feet.


Belief, Myth, stories, about that which we cannot see– that which is the realm of the spirit– are all ungrounded. The mystery is real– claiming to know what it is not so much.

Fantasies hurt. Seeking hurts. Letting go into the mystery offers relief.

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there is only one voice one needs to hear and it is a whisper


the healthy body wants a healthy inflammatory response. it allows for the flushing of foreign invaders out of the body. it’s not until the body is unhealthy, (beyond threshold in multiple ways) that inflammation gets out of control and starts hurting the body…

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The universe responds. It leads and it follows and it accompanies. Dance with the universe any way you see fit. She is waiting.


I don’t think my medicine it just comes into being as I work in my kitchen and watch. …food and herbal mixtures come upon me…I watch as it flows out of me…my body leads the way…the recipe as much a surprise to me as to anyone else… the act of CREATION, the act of MEDICINE in the kitchen.


Of course we’re wrong about some stuff. We all are pretty much all the time. The clearer we get the more we don’t attach to ideas … we can still use them for utilitarian purposes….and learn and grow. I started practicing non-belief many years ago now. Non-belief goes along with being in the mystery, in the unknown.


We got to give it all up. The romance, the fantasies the mythologies. We wake up into the ordinariness of our life. And yes it remains miraculous too.


some people are able to create their own safe spaces…may those of us who’ve been graced to have the resources to do this work help create spaces for our less resourced sensitive brothers and sisters in pain.

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