Emotional, physical, spiritual, trauma based healing

From Stephen Buhner’s Healing Lyme this is true of all illness or dis – ease of any kind. Emotional, physical, spiritual, trauma based or otherwise. I love these two paragraphs– it’s what I say over and over and over again in my work. We’re all different and our healing paths are all different. There are as many paths to wellness as there are human beings. And, yeah, while I’m at it…everything matters too.

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More on topic from Beyond Meds:

May we all honor the mystery of our individual paths.

This is the book by Stephen Buhner there are many others tha

t look interesting too. 


AND yes, I could use some compensation for the many 100s of hours I’ve worked with folks over the years. Working like we do and not getting any sort of compensation that I might live more comfortably in the face of continued challenges continues to teach us what we’ve learned from psychiatry. We must not be worth it. Let’s change that patterning. If I helped you or a loved one out, please help me back now. thank you.

****We could  use some financial support at the moment! You know, for things like the mortgage so that we can maintain a roof over our heads. Yup. I do this all for no other compensation than avZ what the readers want to offer in support. Thank you!****

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2 thoughts on “Emotional, physical, spiritual, trauma based healing

  1. So much, and indeed everything, we are depends on the nurturance we received in our toddler and adolescent years.

    Whether we build the sense of security we require to trust.

    Indy order to think in the abstract, we must have a reasonable level of trust.


  2. 😁 it only matters,
    If I choose, freely choose, to make it up that it matters 😊

    After all, I accept, and don’t you to? That I alone am the boss of me, the quality and effect of the relationship I choose to create, give myself to experience, on the storyboard of my own mind? ♥


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