Love without agenda

I’m an evolutionary freak (medicine/witchy woman) and I intersected with psychiatry. Nothing can stop me now. Psychiatry made me into their own personal Frankenstein. I am now the industry’s worst nightmare. I am rising that no one need ever go through that nightmare again. And we are legion…the younger generations are emerging fulling conscious of this nightmare.  We are healing one another by speaking aloud what we KNOW. Thank you to my younger brothers and sisters who are bringing in pieces that I also need. I am grateful to you for your love and service.


Post-traumatic growth baby. Never underestimate the power of a body in tune with nature.


Addictions, attachments and aversions as well, for that natter, are all functioning in order that we can manage our pain. We are all doing this…to label some people as particularly bad due to these issues is misguided at best.


Internalize everything. Transmute. Repeat as necessary until the outer is the inner and the inner is the outer.


Surrender to the process that this body presents to you. There is nothing else.


View things as good and evil you will live in a world that is good and evil. See things as the one organism that it is and freedom comes.

And as Rumi so eloquently put– love comes out in that field beyond wrongdoing and rightdoing. Non-duality baby. Embrace the whole goddamn nightmare it’s the whole heavenly dream too


Self inquiry: make it a habit


We are possessed by one another and everything in the universe. Possession is the rule. Duality is held by nonduality. Deal with it.


Non-duality holds duality. We continue to operate in duality. The fact that it’s here at all to be perceived is enough presence to give it reality, if even while it’s also unreal. I give a shit about that which happens in duality and I’m okay with that…engaged presence simply makes sense.


Love without agenda. Love the ones that need it most. Love the ones nobody wants to love.


no more process. just this now.


Insanity gets a bad rap. “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society.” — Krishnamurti (or, alternately), Everyone is mentally ill)


People who don’t understand how trauma impacts the nervous system say a lot of stupid shit. Unfortunately most mental health professionals, even those who claim they do, don’t understand how trauma impacts the nervous system. At all and especially for those who are most sensitive and most seriously impacted.  (Professional denial and retraumatization)



AND yes, still, SERIOUSLY. I could use some compensation for the many 100s of hours I’ve worked with folks over the years. Working like we do and not getting any sort of compensation that I might live more comfortably in the face of continued challenges continues to teach us what we’ve learned from psychiatry. We must not be worth it. Lets change that patterning. If I helped you or a loved one out, please help me back now. thank you.

****We could  use some financial support at the moment! You know, for things like the mortgage so that we can maintain a roof over our heads. Yup. I do this all for no other compensation that what the readers want to offer in support. Thank you!****

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  1. It looks like using your email address requires your password. :/ I have another idea, I may email you privately if that’s ok.


  2. I was there. I witnessed it. Monica Cassini is an Evolved Witch. I second that motion and emotion.

    On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 9:13 AM Everything Matters: Beyond Meds wrote:

    > Monica Cassani posted: “I’m an evolutionary freak (medicine/witchy woman) > and I intersected with psychiatry. Nothing can stop me now. Psychiatry made > me into their own personal Frankenstein. I am now the industry’s worst > nightmare. I am rising that no one need ever go through th” >

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  3. Monica, girl, how ya doin’? The Queen of Healers . . . I just watched a cool video and thought of you. See youtube, and search Michael Pollan DMT Mental Health. They haven’t cracked the depression issue yet, though Kratom users are laughing. What a journey you’ve had! peace . . . mickey

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