Julian of Norwich – ecstatic mystic and radical lover

‘The Ecstasy of Revelation – Julian of Norwich’ – by Richard Rudd of the Gene Keys.

Julian of Norwich, or ‘Mother Julian’ as she is tenderly known, was a Christian renunciate living in England in the Middle Ages. Her ecstasy came through a series of Divine revelations in which she directly experienced the Passion of Christ. In this monologue, Richard enters deeply into her gentle spirit and into the field of her revelation, pinpointing her core contemporary message through the understanding of Divine Grace and forgiveness.

My comments:

I find that all emotion is ecstatic – we need not judge one over the other or say one is negative/positive. When felt in the natural state ecstatic expression happens with all emotions. It’s a sort of orgasmic living and it puts sexual intercourse in perspective as nothing particularly special. Life is ecstatic when we surrender entirely.

Also, I am an ecstatic…it’s a far better description of my experience than being called (and thus dismissed) mentally ill…  I’ve never bought into that from the beginning but I had no choice but to go along with it for some time as I had no support or appreciation for what the process was really allowing for. In any case it taught me there are so many of us that remain in chemical captivity. Let’s free ourselves so that we can help others do the same.

The whole series on the ecstatics is wonderful…it’s all free on soundcloud..check it out! I listened to all of it some years ago…and it came up recently when a dear friend (Vivienne) sent me a lovely Julian of Norwich medallion for Christmas.

here it is…every single one was great to listen to:

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