Critical contemplations and observations for the pandemic and beyond

( these brief comments are regarding the above image) let us all shoot for action and be patient with ourselves and others while we more frequently inhabit the other layers…compassion for ourselves and others both is more important now than ever….


See this article: the below comments are response to it: Corona virus and the sun: a lesson from 1918 flu pandemic

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Fresh air, sun and being outside is so critically important to our well-being. I encourage everyone doing everything they can to get fresh air. I’m very grateful that my outside time is not limited at all where I live. Open windows and doors if that’s the best you can do.

This is yet another way in which western medicine displays it’s almost complete disconnect with the body. It’s emblematic of western medicine to do violence to the body, mind and spirit with complete unconsciousness and disregard. Hospitals are toxic hell holes…at best…it’s insane.


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(the below wasn’t written about Corona, but instead about healing in general. My body hasn’t stopped detoxing from the pharmaceuticals I’ve been off for ten years now…so it is part of the process discovered during the last ten years)

The sick body naturally purges. Western medicine and pharmaceuticals specialize in shutting down the purge (and adding toxicity – yes, fuel to fire). Rather than cooperating with healing processes we shut them down all together and make things exponentially more difficult.

Healing is a destructive process. We think we’re helping ourselves when we avoid it. Facing the take-down of our conditioning is a challenging process and when we don’t have external supports it can even be dangerous. We need courage to disentangle ourselves from the “matrix”


I have general misanthropy and unconditional love for humanity simultaneously pretty much all the time these days.


My cats keep me sane (or connected to that which matters, anyway). They serve me in pure unadulterated love everyday. They read me and know when I will benefit from their comfort and they come to me in those moments.


We lose our fear of death (and everything else) the moment we really start living.


It’s okay to go “Jesus in the marketplace.” It is, in fact, a damn hood thing. I think of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X as two people who did this in spades. Society’s general response is always to silence this impulse within us. Yes. Even when that requires murder.

There is some odd belief among “spiritual” types that we’re supposed to be all calm and zen-like all the time if we’re really awake. I call bullshit on that. We are human…awake or not. Sometimes what is called for in any given circumstance will make people uncomfortable. Be real. Make people uncomfortable if that’s what it requires.


In truth there is nothing to believe. there is only here and now and what is right for this body right now.


The only prayer I adopted with all my heart as a child being indoctrinated into the catholic church was, “make me a channel of your peace.” It’s from the hymn we sung based on the Prayer of St. Francis. Sung below with all the words.

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5 thoughts on “Critical contemplations and observations for the pandemic and beyond

  1. Another lovely piece of writing. I have shared it with fellow psych survivors. You are right; western medicine is violence. qigong hospitals in china with no drugs and the rates of cure rather than symptom suppression/management are very impressive. Third biggest killer is treatment. Have you come across Wim Hof? I have recently discovered him and he is astounding as to how he lives and what the body can naturally do. Thanks for your work Monica. I’m glad you are becoming vocal once again. x


  2. Thanks from deep in my heart, for your great work, your great resilience, for sharing it, for being always there even in your harder and thoughter times….you are a shinning soul ❤ thanks Monica!

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