darkness, light, marriage of opposites

Let your body guide you out of the darkness.

The body is our only way into the light which holds the darkness so that we can be part of healing the whole world…trust the light so that we can trust the darkness…the willingness to embrace the whole shebang is the domain of the animal…

In non-dual consciousness all polar opposites come together and are married. We cannot give ourselves over to the light without embracing the dark. We cannot become unconditional lovers without loving all those in darkness. May peace be among us.

The marriage of opposites is happening in my body….as I learn to detox the dregs of pharma from my cells (it’s taken ten years and counting) I find that I have to get really artful with herbs…taking things that seem contradictory as my body does, indeed, hold the extremes.


the only way we can ever be content with what we have is to accept reality as it is right now. this is it. wondrous and chaotic, miraculous and maybe even hellish as it is.


In hypervigilence we look for anything to project our concern onto…grounding hypervigilence is the most difficult part of healing complex trauma. We need to be kind to ourselves as we learn to sink back into our pained bodies.


If one is unconscious, one is unconscious. Coming to consciousness is a happy accident. Blaming others for their lot in life harms. We can take care of ourselves without blaming others for being lost in their suffering. As long as we blame others we’re abandoning them all over again


Healthy boundaries flow and are seamless and artful. Contrived boundaries are forced and often cruel and violent. Professional healers/therapists/doctors/ etc. are taught contrived boundaries because natural boundaries cannot be taught and capitalism relies on contrived boundaries.


The idea of a hierarchy (moving ever spiritually higher) is a trap. It’s BS. It appeals to the ego and that is the only place that it has any credibility. We’re all equal. The only way our human family will make it is if we embrace each other in profound egalitarianism.



Thank you.
In gratitude:


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2 thoughts on “darkness, light, marriage of opposites

  1. Beautifully written. I like the bit about contrived boundaries. I once saw a body healer who hugged and kissed me as that was what was needed in the moment. He said to me after in a light but serious way that if he had done that in mainstream services he would have been sacked on the spot. I am part of a withdrawal group and we are meeting via zoom and last night some of the boundaries started to ease and conversation flowed. It was special. x

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