Golden nuggets from the beyond…

The entire world is conventional. One can wear different costumes and the manifestations of dysfunction then vary…a lot. We live in paradox. In any case it seems the only thing left to do is rejoin humanity and ignore all stories and simply wander among my brothers and sisters.


I’ve always been intense. When I was a kid it was just a feature of who I was and not that big a deal. Thing is now the more I heal it’s becoming bigger and people just don’t really like me all that much. I’m stuck with choosing to be who I am and irritate people or go away.

I imagine this might be temporary as I move through this particular phase of the clearing out of my body. Still it’s not very pleasant and yet I feel in complete integrity and alignment, so it’s kind of strange.

A friend who briefly was sort of a teacher once told me that the biggest shock he had when healed enough to truly be himself, was how many people did not like him. It made me laugh and it’s sadly true. The more authentic we become the more we turn those subject to convention off.  And like I said, the whole world is convention…it’s a case of being in the world but not of it…rather discombobulating really.


How deep into hell one has gone correlates exactly with how much someone can inhabit love.


We are an organism like mushroom mycelium.


Intuition is limited by how much we’ve healed. In pure love we see ourselves in every last human being. most of us want to “other” some percentage of the human family. That happens to be our tribal nature. When we open our hearts out beyond our tribe we are whole.

Having no boundaries at all is the highest state…then in flow we act accordingly. Sometimes no boundary will look boundaried to those who have not become conscious about this particular aspect of being human. No boundary is total acceptance. Behavior has nothing to do with it. No boundary is clarity. It is the capacity to see through the veil.


Perpetrators are first victims. we dissociate from the perpetrator and that is a very serious issue…why is no one ever discussing their own perpetration? We only point to those committing it when the fact is we are all perpetrators.

We don’t discuss our own perpetration because it’s not safe to do so. Certain kinds of perpetrators are in a bind even if they want help. We are not willing to tend to them because they are serving for our projections so that we might not have to deal with our own perpetration. Healing trauma involves both the forgiveness our ourselves and others. No one gets a free ride. (see: I am responsible. I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.)


We are awake and having different experiences. This is ok. Love guides us in trusting this about everyone we meet.


disintegrating into the whole
reconstituting into the whole


People are put on psych meds because of how little will there is societally wide to engage and heal our collective shadow. The most sensitive and vulnerable among us are the most heavily drugged and they often die that way. Please consider this.


happened upon this non-dual line in the Bible:

For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears. – Corinthians 13:10


Every trigger from “outside” is an invitation into shadow. If we take the opportunity to go within and feel that pain we heal. As a result, next time we can meet someone acting in less skillful ways with love and compassion and no longer be harmed by them.

In systematically embracing the shadow of humanity we neutralize all demons and become motivated by love. Demons are only denied aspects of ourselves. In embrace they all come into alignment. Practice holding open to everything.

Shadow work on Everything Matters


Hate and love are two sides of the same coin…Passion holding them as one. Oh, yes. Love has no opposite.


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