Thoughts from the road…

The last few months have been hellish and difficult. As you may have noticed I stopped posting altogether for a while. I’ve moved to a new state and am now starting a new life with my partner, Paul Woodward and our three four-leggeds. I am blessed on this planet that includes heaven and hell in equal measure. We are starting a new home and have to furnish from scratch. Donations would certainly help greatly. If you’re so inclined here’s the PayPal link. Love to you all!

Below are some small thoughts that arose during the time away.


We convince ourselves that our deprivations are for spiritual purposes and health and wellbeing, when in fact deprivation is never good for us. Our willful deprivations are simply self-loathing.


Doctors and, not far behind healers and gurus of all stripes, are the Pharisees of our time. We don’t need doctors and healers. We need to learn to listen to our bodies and, in so doing, to the earth and the universe. Be free.


dietary guideline: eat it if you want to, otherwise don’t

(posts on healing diets etc)


We demonize others only when we still have our own demons.


when we refuse to relate to another we dehumanize them.


The news media: follow a broad spectrum of them (left to right) or follow none. And then listen don’t just react. If you follow only one and surround yourself with people who do the same you are submitting yourself to brainwashing.


Imagining that you’re avoiding the pain of the chicken by not eating the chicken is delusional.

Eat meat or don’t eat meat. In this time of hellish existence… one must simply do what one must do. Judgement is delusional.


Fear is the foundation of all misunderstanding. All war is misunderstanding.

posts on fear/anxiety etc


People pleasing comes from a capacity to love unconditionally and not be seen for that capacity. The child begins its descent into hell.

posts on trauma


The shadow keeper of the family in modern times are the people who end up homeless, labeled mentally ill and drug-addicted. The sensitives, the artists, the gurus ,the saints and the psychopaths.

All these types are cut from the same cloth and have a different role in society and a lot of folks crash and burn because there’s very little will to recognize what these creatives are doing for the human family.

posts on shadow etc


I am not unemployed and I will never call myself that. I work full-time. I am also critically disabled and need support because my full-time work is not appreciated by society.


Love your neighbor as yourself requires understanding that we all have different needs.


coming back from trauma requires telling the truth. If the trauma has been denied – being an upstart is required.


Support Everything Matters: Beyond Meds. Make a donation with PayPal

for a multitude of ideas about how to create a life filled with safe alternatives to psychiatric drugs visit the drop-down menus at the top of this page.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts from the road…

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  1. Hi Monica. Good to hear from you. I miss your posts. I pass them on to my withdraw buddies who appreciate the wisdom. Did you know toni bernard has a companion book to ‘how to be sick’ out? Good luck with new location. stuart x

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  2. Got to move forward with our truths scream them out despite being pushed to the edge of our culture as is our Norm of a lifetime had a couple of seizures spent 16 days in hospital till October 6th Bang Bang Bang on the head got to get up and keep going Monica dear we can make it we’re strong for each other you give me strength always wish I could pay some I just moved myself didn’t have a lots more medical needs blessing you with prosperity


  3. Monica dear, so true. We must scream our Truths and damn and banish the naysayers even as they shove us to our lifelong edge of culture I pray I make it just spent 16 days in hospital couple of seizures Bang Bang Bang on the head up we go Gotta go forward hang in there girl


  4. “People pleasing comes from a capacity to love unconditionally and not be seen for that capacity. The child begins its descent into hell.” — love this. Hope you get settled quickly and the new place feels like home.

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