Narcissism (the plague of our times?)

did you know that daffodils are narcissus flowers?

Narcissism is a coping strategy for when one has been wounded in profound ways. Anyone who makes it in this world has to find some sort of narcissism in order to heal. What gets called malignant narcissism is only one manifestation. Survival demands narcissism.

When narcissism is inverted people like to call themselves empaths. It’s a passive but equally imbalanced form of narcissism. In that instance people project their despair outward and call others they cannot control narcissists…We’re one big mess of a family. Yup.

It’s a mistake to imagine that anyone who is getting called narcissist at any given time doesn’t care about others…everyone wants to love and to be loved…narcissism can also include healthy self love and when we love we love everyone and everything. Humans have it all, always

Everyone wants to be called out. Unless it’s done with great compassion it simply doesn’t work. When we see clearly then we can speak the BS clearly and when we do that we can watch people melt into pussycats before us. Everyone wants love and everyone wants to be seen.


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3 thoughts on “Narcissism (the plague of our times?)

  1. I liked this blog but which you had expounded more, describing the introverted form of narcissism in greater detail or offering examples. This is very titillating but unsatisfying

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    1. I appreciate that…I don’t have much energy to write these days and I put out very contracted and big ideas…I’m sure it’s frustrating sometimes…I suppose I enjoy the sort of titillation these small and heavy posts transmit…they generally come from my engagement on twitter where we are all doing this sort of thing…
      I suppose they’re simply an invitation to consider it more…leave comments etc. I don’t have time to do more than what I’m doing on the site for now. I am managing and rehabbing a severe brain injury. I do hope to write much more as things move forward.

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  2. Certainly timely. Yes, we all need some form of narcissism, self-love, and respect. That it seems now so negative is well worth bringing to light. And I also like your mentioning empathy as an introverted form. I will let that go because I really just wanted to call one thing to light. I do respect you for pointing out the positives but this time of malignant forms was predicted and some days I think if I hear another celebrity opinion or a political rant I will scream.

    Jungian James Hillman in the mid-90s in his book The Soul’s Code: In Search of Character and Calling, predicted that sociopathy, a continuum that has all the forms of malignant narcissism, I believe, in it, would be our greatest problem in the future. That has been with me a long while. Thanks for shedding some light on the positives.

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