Buzzing words come

We’re all selfish human beings in training to become the lovers we are as well. The surviving animal must be “selfish.” As we come out of pure survival, the species depends on us becoming lover. Love madly, passionately, indiscriminately. Start with your own selfish self.


let go. let go. let go.


In surrender we must relinquish what we want entirely and let life-force have it’s way. Surrender brings destruction in the fullest sense of the word. Then, if all goes well regeneration follows bringing us into conscious alignment. Razor’s edge living. Razor’s edge healing. Read: Surrender


As I plummeted into my descent of pain and chronic illness, at one point I realized that it can always get worse. Always. Now when people say “heck, can’t get any worse,” (about anything, really) I say, “oh but yes it can.”


Anyone who has done any amount of serious meditation will have come to know that we don’t control our thoughts. We don’t control our thoughts or our feelings. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from trying! Read – “Change your thinking, change your life.” ha ha – our mind is a wild monkey gym


The thing about the “art of war” is that you always respect your enemy. In that that there lies an inherent paradox — you know that the intensely personal is not personal at all. Read: Paradox


When we become willing to truly empathize and feel the pain of all sentience on this earth. It is then that we wake up. Those who dismiss the pain of others because they “chose” it are in grave and serious spiritual bypass. It is all OURS. To know ourselves is to know everyone.


In response to someone saying fear and faith cannot go together: For me with radically complex PTSD, fear and faith absolutely go together. It’s in faith that I walk through fear with fear and beyond fear. Faith allows me to be with what is and sometimes that is abject terror. Fear and anxiety: coping, reframing, transforming…


“To rise in consciousness from one dimension to another, you need help. The help may not always be in the shape of a human person, it may be a subtle presence or a spark of intuition, but help must come.” — Nisargadatta

This is when wu wei (do nothing) sometimes comes in quite handy…sometimes we must wait for that help as seeking only digs one deeper into the bullshit. thank you NIsargadatta for this little bit of help in the form of reminder. Some Wu Wei wisdom (non-doing as path to freedom)


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