Obligatory Happy New Year to all

Obligatory, not because I don’t mean it but because I wish I was more inspired to write something with depth and meaning. Anyway I’m not. So let this be a wonderful year for all of us just straight and simple.

I am tentatively hoping that this year will bring me drug freedom.

I am also hoping that my unexpected trip off to California to visit this man with long-term experience in getting people off psych drugs is a gift from the universe sent especially to me at the start of this new year so that I don’t have to have another year like the last.

What are your hopes for your new year??

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  1. Happy New Year Gianna,
    I wish you all the best in getting off psychiatric drugs. As I reported a few weeks back, I am still tapering off Lamictal. I am down to 25mg per day now and hoping to be completely off by the end of January. The first couple of weeks were smooth sailing and there have been a few rough spots at the 25mg level but nothing compared to the time tried to get off Zyprexa. Much easier this time.

    I am sending you positive well wishes and hope that your trip to California is wonderful for you.

  2. Best wishes to all who are coming off medications. Please God it is a good year for all. I want 2008 and 2009 to be good for me coming off tablets. You have a lot of good articles over the last few days which I will go through. Thank you for including them.

    May more people be aware of the dangers of psychiatric drugs and that more people know there is alternative holistic means to mental health. That is my wish for 2008.


  3. Happy New Year Gianna…and thanks so much for being such a support and inspiration, and all-round beacon of light in the darkness! I hope that beautifully-wrapped gift from the universe isn’t long coming, you certainly deserve it! Love, your blogging friend, Zoe.

  4. lol!! God yes, ama, I’m right there with you. Even should I ultimately get off drugs and “heal” I will still be devastated by the state of the world. As they say if you’re not angry you’re not paying attention!!

    Or if you are very happy without hesitation you’re probably delusional.

  5. this stuff makes me feel so desperate — i’m talking about unfair and bloody wars, racism at home, the constant violation of justice, and, on the other hand, the fact that some of us, including me go through life with untold privilege — that it is for me a question of mental health! i remember during katrina. i stayed in bed. for days. i wanted out of this terrible world. and the very fact of george w. bush and the domain of neoconservatism/neoimperialism in america makes me want to give up, throw up my hands, eat a gun, and kiss the world goodbye.

    oops, this is getting VERY SERIOUS!

    happy new year! happy new year!

  6. I share those hopes with you ama. I was stuck in a navel stare when I shared my hopes. In the greater scheme of things I’m more concerned about the planet and human rights for all than for myself. Truly. This is my private little mental health microcosm. I spend time in the greater blogosphere dealing with these greater issues. It’s just generally invisible here. Thanks for bringing in the larger picture.

  7. happy new year, gianna. good luck!

    my hope for the new year: a better president. no more war. less poverty. less injustice. hope for america and the world.

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