A spectrum of views on the so-called bipolar child

Sparked by this terribly disturbing article in Newsweek.

With commentary by Philip Dawdy on Furious Seasons.

CL Psych’s take on it….

And the last a commentary by Peter Breggin on The Huffington Post.

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  1. Sloopy Cowbell

    Unbelievably disgusting. Psychiatry is sick.

    As a former school teacher, my mum had a brief encounter with child psychiatry. She was horrified with what she saw. And this was 15 years ago, so things can only be worse now.

    She went to work in a special school, where “statemented” kids with behavioural problems were sent after they had been removed from mainstream schooling.

    Mum initially saw it as a challenge. Then she realised that 90% of the kids were totally screwed up on Ritalin and other psychiatric drugs. Teaching them anything was an impossibility. Their minds were blown. She left in disgust.


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