Food Allergies

For the last two years as I've made my lifestyle changes I've known I should try to go without dairy and wheat and see how I did without them. Way back last April I spoke of doing this, but I never did it. My new doctor now has got me in line. I've discovered I... Continue Reading →

Love letters to those of us in withdrawal

I wrote the below in a withdrawal group I'm part of. Sometimes people find us when they have gone off too quickly and are suffering terribly and are very much afraid. Fear is our worst enemy: I am going to say some stuff that might be hard to hear but it might help so I'm... Continue Reading →

I have a pain in my heart

I've had a sensation of pain in my heart intermittently for years. It's become rather frequent lately and it radiates out from my heart chakra into my whole being. I've been confused by this sensation for years and now that it's stepped up quite a few notches I'm thinking about it a lot and I... Continue Reading →

More on trauma—John Breeding

Trauma is often the cause of supposed mental illness. John Breeding again offers wonderful commentary on this phenomena. Hundreds of thousands of people are misdiagnosed with mental illness when their issue is actually the experience of trauma and meds are not the answer, the expression and discharge of the pain is what is needed. That... Continue Reading →

A Natural History of Peace

Something different for a change. Not strictly mental health related but not entirely unrelated either. I bookmarked this piece ages ago because I loved it so much. I hope you enjoy. It's very long but well worth the read. It offers optimism for our species and also seems to support the emerging science of brain... Continue Reading →

Study: More than half of Americans on pharmaceuticals

From Time a report on a study that shows more than half of Americans are taking pharmaceuticals. This article does not concentrate on psychiatric drugs---but does bring up drugs for cholesterol and high blood pressure. Statins, the drugs most commonly used for high cholesterol are very dangerous and the hype around high cholesterol is just... Continue Reading →

Water titration for slow and controlled psychiatric drug withdrawal

For more extensive information to help in psychiatric drug withdrawal please visit:  Psychiatric drug withdrawal and protracted withdrawal syndrome round-up The below method of tapering was developed by people withdrawing from benzos but it can be used for any drug with some modifications. I got these directions which I've edited slightly from a benzo board. It's a... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Bipolar Overawareness Week

Both Philip at Furious Seasons and CL Psych are asking questions about the overdiagnosis of bipolar disorder. (Philip adds more on this topic since I wrote this--the evidence is piling up) CL psych goes as far as to suggest that yesterday mark the beginning of a week commemorating Bipolar Overawareness: So I propose that we... Continue Reading →

Amino acids and mental health

**Disclaimer and update: this is only an example of a protocol. Individual needs vary greatly. I in fact stopped tolerating all of these supplements as I got deeper into withdrawal.  This was not a stagnant protocol. Now off meds there is an ongoing process of fine-tuning my responses to my body's needs. (I pretty much... Continue Reading →

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