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foodFor the last two years as I’ve made my lifestyle changes I’ve known I should try to go without dairy and wheat and see how I did without them. Way back last April I spoke of doing this, but I never did it. My new doctor now has got me in line.

I’ve discovered I do have some food allergies. Cutting out wheat has proven most beneficial. Some people are intolerant of anything with gluten in it. It turns out I’m just sensitive to wheat. Since I’ve cut wheat out my gut has even further improvement over when I was just using probiotics and digestive enzymes.

I told you in the post on probiotics that my gut was cured and I believed it was because it got dramatically better from probiotics alone, but I’d say once a week or so—probably whenever I ate wheat, I would have a bit of a relapse and would be struck again with a bout of diarrhea. Now since I cut out wheat completely I have not had a single irregular bowel movement. Perhaps you think this is too much information, but as I stressed in my post on probiotics, the gut is extremely important to mental health. Proper absorption of nutrients is essential. If we want to heal from the damage caused by psych meds or if we are trying to avoid starting psych meds we need to have a healthy, normal, regular gut.

I’m also somewhat allergic to peanuts, cow’s milk, (I’m eating goats milk products instead), citrus and peppers which I’ve been aware of for a long time. A simple way to find out allergies is to do an elimination diet as talked about in the above link. Here is a good website that gives a much better explanation of an elimination diet than I did. Do a google search for an explanation that suits you.

UPDATE 2014: What I discovered at the time this post was written (2008) was just a scratch on the surface…becoming conscious about food and diet became much more important as my withdrawal continued. Please visit: Mental health and diet: nutrition and gut health for more info

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  1. People do indeed recover from allergies and the work I’m doing with my doctor addresses allergies as well…

    I’ve heard of stories like the above as well! it’s good to hear another story….

    for now I don’t mind not eating wheat…


  2. I love sprouted grain breads!

    I just wanted to tell you about someone I met back in the late 90s.

    There was a newage/pagan occult supply store in Fair Oaks California that used to host speakers in the alternative health movement. The topics ranged all over the place from self hynosis to aura cleansings and reiki to crystal healing.

    One week had a woman come and talk about herself and her book. For the life of me, I can not remember her name. I spent about an hour on Amazon looking up every allergy or alternative medicine book on the subject and still could not find her.

    This woman was allergic to nearly everything. She found herself unable to eat most foods or be near any animals and only wore certain kind of fabrics or used certain kind of cosmetics, if any at all.

    Her story was that she found herself able to eat only rice and broccoli without a histamine reaction. She ate very little but that for years.

    Apparently one day she found herself at a friends place crashing on the couch. She woke and found cat hair on her jacket or some such. She could not figure out why she was not sick and reacting to it. She made a connection that maybe she had built a kind of tolerance or acceptance to it by having a small stimulus. She developed a theory that she could attune her aura or her energy to the item and convince her self that it could not harm her.

    She went on test substance after substance. Basically going to bed with some food or substance that bothered her in a medicine bag or on the night stand or something. She would tiny tiny amounts of food that she could not stand to eat prior.

    Whether it was a form of self suggestion, self hypnosis or she was attuning her vibrations to the vibrations of the substances the result was the same.

    Bit by bit she was able to overcome all her allergies. Every one of them. Today she can eat whatever she wants, wear whatever she wants and she can handle contact with animals again.

    Rather than a life of avoidance and elimination she can indulge in whatever she wishes thanks to her energy vibration attunement thing. Maybe is was just desensitization training. In the final analysis she got her life back as a result.

    I keep thinking her name was Pat something Patricia something. I so wish I could remember her book.

    I myself don’t suffer any allergies. I consider myself very lucky but if I did have allergies, I think I would attempt this desensitization/energy attunement concept that she employed.

    Just another alternative from the world of alternative medicine 🙂


  3. it’s made with sprouted grain rather than flour…it’s a much better for you than flour—more of a true complex carb, but if you want to avoid gluten and therefore, wheat, it’s still 100% whole wheat…it’s wheat that has the gluten—the flour, the whole grain, whatever…

    soy sauce has wheat too…if you want it without you have to get tamari


  4. Darn, I thought it was gluten-free. It says it is “flourless.” What does that mean?


  5. thanks everyone for all your input…

    Ezekiel bread is whole wheat therefore it has gluten. I used to eat Ezekiel too…

    Some people have problems with anything with gluten, but others are simply sensitive to wheat like me…although I’m supposed cut out GMO corn…that rules out most polenta, Doe!!

    I need to go to the health food store and look for some non-GMO corn products…I believe that virtually all mass marketed corn is GMO now.

    But lasagna with polenta sounds awesome!! I made a polenta pie stuffed with cheese and mushrooms once…


  6. Gianna,

    Hoffer, et al believe food sensitivities can even induce symptoms of ‘schizophrenia’ – for those who are highly senstive to such things as milk. I don’t doubt it.

    And, of course elmination is at the heart of Environmental Medicine for symptoms of ‘ADHD’, ‘bipolar’, and other ‘mental’ illnesses.

    Food have an effect on our mood like nothing else.

    I hope this elimination helps you.

    You go Gianna!



  7. My son is severely allergic to wheat and I feed him a gluten free diet. I agree with Doe that Tinkyada is the best rice pasta bar none. To answer naturalgal’s question, wheat free does not necessarily mean gluten free. There is gluten is spelt, oat, barley and rye. A product that is gluten free will usually say that on the label. If it says “wheat free” it probably contains other grains that have gluten. Check the ingredients to make sure.


  8. Hi Gianna,
    I want to try to cut out gluten. I try for a while. I found some bread that my husband loves. The brand name is Ezekiel. It is certified by the Glycemic Research Institute. It says “no flour.” I am not sure if this means gluten-free.



    In my humble opinion, Tinkyada has the best brown rice pasta, bar none. It takes longer to cook, you must rinse it in cold water for it not to be gummy….but man, if you do it right, it’s better than “real” pasta….

    They also make quinoa pasta now…it’s not bad…

    I eat lots of corn tortillas, quesdilla style…

    I make a mean lasagna using polenta instead pasta for the layers…


  10. thanks Mark,
    yes I eat the same–brown rice pasta…not white…I’ve eaten it since even before I went off wheat. It’s a little gummy—-best to make only enough to eat in one sitting…i find it doesn’t do well as a leftover.

    I’ll check out the recipes…


  11. I forgot to add I agree 100% with Gianna about the importance of a healthy digestion for a healthy mental wellness.


  12. simple food recipy
    I eat pasta made from rice, instead of wheat. All regular pasta is made from wheat. Rice pasta takes a bit longer to cook.
    I rince it in cold water after cooking ( to make it look/feel better), then heat it again with a tomato sauce in the microwave.


  13. It’s amazing isn’t it? I was shocked at the difference even though part of me was thinking I should quit a long time ago, but at the same time I didn’t buy it…it’s no wonder people have such trouble making changes…I’d already cut out all junk and processed food, but for some reason I clung to wheat…

    People have a really hard time changing their diets and buying that things like this can really make a difference.

    thanks for your comment and backing this up.


  14. Yet another thing we have in common….no wheat for me…I had no clue about the links between wheat intolerance and depression until a friend told me…I think everyone who struggles with mood stuff should try eliminating wheat and see if they feel better. I feel much less bloated and “clean” inside when I don’t eat wheat products.


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