Oh gosh do I really need some time alone!

Okay I may be sleeping alright, but being with mom 24/7 is really taking it’s toll. Sharing a hotel room is really hard. And then we drive together all day long. I need complete quiet private time—it’s not happening. Going to the lobby doesn’t work where there is hustle and bustle. I feel her energy in the room even if it’s quiet. I can’t wait for this trip to be over even if it is going better than I expected.

We have another two hours to hang out at the hotel and I really wish I could kick her out of the room! Poor mom.

4 thoughts on “Oh gosh do I really need some time alone!

  1. Gianna,
    It is really good to say what you need. I’ve always needed alone time myself, and my husband understands. In fact, he needs it too. But, it’s got to be difficult when another person doesn’t need it at all. The best we can do is state what we need, and hope they understand. Good for you!



  2. Good for you Gianna, that was a good thing to speak up. I need that time to myself too, and when I was thrust into the pot at my Dad’s funeral, I spent a lot of time outside finding some precious minutes where I could actually think and process. and I think we all do this so much to get through our days it’s imperative it remains so even on trips! i have to add i spent a long time inside the garage doing laundry finding quiet time there too haha! whatever works!


  3. Good for you, Gianna! Sometimes all that’s needed is to communicate what we need. If your mom doesn’t like being alone, then your need for alone-time isn’t something she would likely be able to intuit. I can sure understand how you feel, though. When I visit my parents for a break, it’s not really a break, because my dad just can’t understand my need for solitude, he tries to entertain me the whole time!

    I’m so glad your trip is going better than you expected. Just keep breathing, try to stay in the moment, and you’ll be fine.



  4. In the spirit of “live-blogging.” I got it together and expressed my needs! I told her I really felt like I needed time alone and that even at home I can’t handle having my husband in the same room when I need my private time.

    My mom needs no private time and in fact doesn’t like being alone which is why I hesitated to tell her I need time— but she understood how I felt and went to the lobby to read.

    I’ve spent the last 15 minutes meditating and am feeling mildly better. Will meditate another half hour and then get ready to leave.

    I think I will have had enough time to chill out.

    anyway…over and out until this evening!!
    cheers to all.


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