Another little update

I’ve managed to keep the blog going on a smaller scale lately, but I’m beginning to be remiss in visiting or really mostly commenting on other blogs and I’m sorry.

While I am sleeping, strangely enough, the Klonopin withdrawal is leaving me extremely sensitive to stress of all kinds and I’m really grumpy, irritable and not particularly able to come up with anything terribly articulate to say in regards to much of what you all are sharing. I am reading though.

Once again I am in the time of the month that is difficult for me and the best thing I can do it seems is meditate and be as alone as I can. I am not good company in any case.

This all comes and goes. On Monday? or Tuesday? I don’t remember anymore I had a highly productive and fun day with lots of energy.

If the withdrawal continues as its been going it will be over in no more than a couple of months and then perhaps I’ll see more consistent health. And maybe not for a while too. Part of what I’m learning is to be okay with what is. And what is now is a really messed up CNS system that is easily overloaded. My limitations are sometimes hard to accept but I’m getting there.

I am still in a good place over all and excited about how things are transpiring.

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  1. Sounds like a realistic plan. I believe that acceptance is a huge part of healing. When we’re well and able to do everything, we sometimes sweat the small stuff. When we’ll ill, it’s always a godsend to be able to do the smallest things.

  2. I am off antipsychotics Bev.
    I only have 50 mg of Lamictal and 2.1 mg of Klonopin to go…

    I got off of antipsychotics after 20 years of being on exceedingly high doses…it’s mind boggling really to discover I was simply addicted to them and didn’t actually need them…

    I am now working on forgiving those I trusted to help me.

  3. Hi giana,

    tew months.I assume you are off anti-psychotics meds then? please let me know over time.this would give me something I would love to know.i have decided to remain
    with a little antipsychotic,miniscule 6mg typical! per month.hope will remainand at some point mayvbe!!!

    Good stuff…

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