Prescription drug injuries and deaths reach record levels

The LA times reports on the rise of prescription drug deaths.

The total number of deaths, 4,824, was an increase of nearly 3 percent from the last calendar quarter of 2007 (here is the report). (via Pharmalot who goes into more detail about Chantix in particular the deadly stop-smoking drug that Pfizer has been dancing about denying all problems for well over a year now, in spite of neverending reports of suicide, violence and dangerous erratic behavior of all sorts)

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  1. I saw this yesterday. Shudder.

    Of course the stats will be way off for 2008 because the NYT just reported yesterday as well, that people, especially seniors, are not buying drugs because they don’t have the money for their rents, mortgages, food, and other things. it is sad.

    So- Gianna, what are you doing up at 5 am, when your cats and dog, (and hubby) are in the bed, snuggling and wanting you to help keep them warm and with scritches?


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