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unstuckI’ll be taking this course given by James Gordon. This is an opportunity to learn from a professional what I’ve been trying to share here for the past almost two years. I hope some of you will join me in learning from this man.

Oh—and I’ve learned that if one treats “depression” through natural methods other mental health conditions can be positively affected as well. In general, much of what helps heal “depression” naturally will also help heal other mental health problems.

I posted about James Gordon in the past. He was interviewed by Newsweek about his book Unstuck. I am re-posting below so you can read about him.

Prozac Nation No More? An interview about alternative treatment for depression, trauma and PTSD.

Do we really need Prozac? James Gordon, founder of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, D.C., says there’s a better way to treat depression—through diet, exercise and meditation. Roll your eyes all you like. He’s used the approach for 35 years with a wide range of patients, from runaway children and middle-class adults in Washington, D.C., to victims of war in Bosnia, Kosovo, Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Wow…diet, exercise and nutrition…what I’ve been saying ever since I started this blog…and in Newsweek….how refreshing. And that he’s using it with trauma victims too is quite exciting.

The interview in Newsweek profile’s the author of Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven-Stage Journey Out of Depression,” James Gordon. His program sounds interesting and promising. He doesn’t trash antidepressants but I get the feeling he’s being diplomatic. The interview ends with a caution about withdrawal which is wise:

So are you saying that people should throw out their Prozac?
No, the bottom line is that there is another way. Don’t quit cold turkey. Withdrawal symptoms can be very serious, including anxiety and agitation. Some people get more depressed. They may have headaches, difficulty sleeping, muscle cramps. You can begin the “Unstuck” approach while taking the medications. When and if you feel ready to stop taking the drugs, work with a physician who can help you gradually taper off.

That suggests to me he’s being pragmatic…dont’ throw the Prozac away…withdraw from it safely and slowly. Then deal with your life.

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  1. I am hoping that there is also some information about how to effectively deal with those who are manipulative, controlling, etc. I still have to see a psychiatrist, and am dependent on others for help. Gaining independence or freedom from control factors in your life, and being able to support yourself financially seems like just a dream.

    If those who have been labeled and drugged against their will had more support and were able to use the knowledge given them; then there would be more of a likelihood of achieving their goals. You are given the impression that you need someone’s permission to use an alternative method since others are so involved and intrusive in your life.

    It is written in the books that we have rights, but in reality; we find a different scenario. Then, if we get past the legal aspect of this mess; we have to find a way to support ourselves during a time where many people are losing their jobs, and more scams to work at home exist.

    I would like to also read a book that covers these things. And; with reliable, effective, resources listed that would be willing to help me.

    Thanks! I may check out this book.

  2. Troy,
    that is what I think is especially awesome about Jim…he wants to help people!!!

    Most people with this sort of specialized knowledge cater to the rich and that’s a damn shame!!

    thank him please…thank him very much.

  3. Gianna-

    Thanks so much for posting this info.

    Jim (Gordon) wants to get this information out to as many people as possible, even if they can’t afford his book or attend one of his events.



  4. I wish I could do the online class, but unfortunately I don’t have a computer at home right now, I did just go on Amazon however and order his book. I can’t wait to get it, I am excited to read it, and have some help and guidance with natural ways to get better. I am now off of Lamictal completely and any help that I can get will be great.

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