Ray’s Next Scheduled Involuntary Outpatient Electroshock is on 10 December — International Human Rights Day!

From MindFreedom:

This Wednesday, 10 December 2008, human rights activists all over the world will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

10 December is the UN’s official International Human Rights Day.

10 December is also the day that Ray Sandford is scheduled to receive his 35th involuntary outpatient electroshock.

NEW ON WEB: Learn Ray’s story — Frequently Asked Questions About Ray Sandford Campaign, click here.
Latest News on Ray Campaign
Unless action is taken swiftly, then this Wednesday morning, as he has been for most mornings in the last few months, Ray will be awakened early by staff in his room at the group residence Victory House near Minneapolis.

Once more an escort will bring him against his will the 15 miles to Mercy Hospital, where once more — under court order — doctors will place electrodes on his head for another electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), or electroshock, that can and has wiped out precious memories and cognitive abilities from Ray.

The Good News About Ray Campaign:
Because of MindFreedom’s campaign to support Ray Sandford:

* The Minnesota Governor’s office reports receiving “hundreds” of complaints. Thank you everyone!
* Three agencies are now working to replace Ray’s non-responsive court-appointed attorney with a new attorney.
* National media has finally interviewed Ray for an upcoming broadcast.

The Bad News: It is Not Enough! Speak Out Now!

It is time to take the Ray Campaign up a notch, peacefully but strongly!

Let this become a top issue in the Governor’s office.

Telephone Governor Pawlenty’s office *NOW*:

Call any day, but especially call *before* Ray’s scheduled electroshock next Wednesday, 10 December 2008.

Call from anywhere in the world phone (651) 296-3391.

From inside Minnesota phone toll free (800) 657-3717.
You have the best chance of reaching staff from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Central Time weekdays.

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has completely stone-walled!

* His office refuses to issue any statement on the policy of forced electroshock.
* He claims he can do nothing, that the courts are in charge, when he could at least make sure Ray gets better legal representation for a stay or appeal.
* His office operators often redirect calls about Ray into a voice mail. No one we know of has ever heard back. Some operators have hung up on callers.
* Meanwhile, the Governor is sponsoring a $200-a-head luxury hotel conference about International Human Rights Day!

It is time to get creative!

* Ray will not give up!
* We will not give up!
* Don’t you give up!

Please be peaceful, but be CREATIVELY MALADJUSTED in your next phone calls to Governor Pawlenty’s office.

First, get the name of the operator and write it down. Then start by asking polite but firm questions about advocacy…

* about citizen input…
* about who to talk to about mental health policy…
* about the names and phone numbers of the Ombudsman office
* about mental health policy and the mental health division…
* about how poor people can have adequate legal representation…

And only then ask about why the Governor is refusing to speak out about Involuntary Outpatient Electroshock (IOE)?
Insist on speaking to a live real person about this issue.

If you do not get a real person with a real reply, CALL BACK.

If an operator hangs up on you, call back and ask to speak to a manager and complain.

You have the best chance of reaching staff from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Central Time weekdays.

If you do receive any helpful information or leads, e-mail it to news-at-mindfreedom.org.

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  1. ((Gianna))

    I just realized that I digressed in a ‘thread’ meant for Ray.

    I’m sorry for that.

    Please email me (so as to not further do that) where on your blog I can/should share things like my last post…and more personal posts as well?

  2. hey Aes..
    yes a lot of people get what they call “advance directives” saying what they will and will not tolerate in crisis…

    unfortunately they are routinely ignored in many cases…

    though if someone has someone close to them to back it up it’s more likely to be respected.

  3. Have you/anyone come across THIS yet? Light at the end of the tunnel maybe?


    I need help circulating this information around if you find it promising.

    I am very new to ‘mental health concerns via the internet’ (where everyone hangs out that discusses these issues).

    My husband-in-spirit was the one who brought Ray’s situation to my attention or I wouldn’t have known, ever, maybe.

    I haven’t finished reading the whole thing yet but came right here after reading:

    >>I propose a new legal safeguard: the psychiatric protection order. Such an order, similar to the protection order used in domestic conflicts, would make it a criminal offence to impose involuntary psychiatric interventions on people protected by the order.>>

  4. It warms me utterly that so many have become concerned, and involved!, with what’s happening to Ray.

    It’s so easy to look the other way, to not put in the time and effort to help someone in need. They think/hope that someone else is doing…something. ‘Aww, someone will help him, I’m sure.’ Are you sure? Even if someone else is doing something to help….

    One person can make a difference, of course, but…many people can expedite the change. Considering what’s going on with Ray, expedition is needed.

    No need for thanks but warmly accepted and given right back to you…thank you. We’re all in this together…in sooo many ways.


  5. Outrage and tears have I. ((((Ray)))) Dear Soul, hang in there. We, the people, care about you. You are NOT alone.

    I wrote your Governor. Copied below. (don’t know if you’ll get the chance to see this post but my thought-energy of Love and Protection is yours.)

    From: Aes Sedai (xxxxx@xxxxx.com)
    Sent: Sun 12/28/08 11:55 PM
    To: tim.pawlenty@state.mn.us

    Mr. Pawlenty, Please…‏

    If it can happen to one of us, it can happen to any of us. I know you must understand this to be true when it comes to the infringement of our civil and human rights.

    Sir, if this, what I wish to share with you below, happened to one of your family members or friends, I’m sure the outrage would be ever-present. Can you not put yourself in Ray’s shoes and imagine his utter helplessness?

    Permanent damage is taking place. Christmas Eve, while most laughed and celebrated with loved ones, Ray was having his brain shocked free of precious and irreplaceable memories and cognitive skills.

    Please take the time to review this site http://www.mindfreedom.org/shield/ray/alert-9-sandford

    They come to his HOME, My. Pawlenty, and take him to involuntary shock therapy. How can this be happening in this country, in the 21st century??

    The word is getting out, and how. Because you’re the Governor, many are looking to you to defend one of your constituents against a human rights violation.

    Please, please, please don’t do nothing. Do something. Anything. Voters are watching and we are so incredibly fed up with this kind of blatant abuse and violation. Many truly feel that if you aren’t a part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

    Be Ray’s hero and the state and the world (this is international now) will remember you.

    Be the change you wish to see in the world, Sir.

    Aes Sedai

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