Ray Sandford’s forced ECT get’s coverage on NPR

MindFreedom’s actions and us bloggers who have helped get the word out has helped Ray’s situation gain national attention.

Listen to the almost nine minute segment here

Here’s hoping things go your way Ray.


You can still take action and help.

Please help Governor Pawlenty realize that he has self-determination and empowerment! The Governor could at least help Ray get better legal representation.

Call the Governor’s office from anywhere in the world phone (651) 296-3391.

From inside Minnesota phone toll free (800) 657-3717.

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  1. Just one more example of why Adult Guardianships need to be reformed.
    This man has no rights ! His rights were taken away when he was put into guardianship.
    His guardian can speak out for him and ask the Judge to lift that order.
    This is a terrible shame in Amercia. To take away a human beings rights to the extent that even that person cannot deny Electro Shock Therapy !!!
    Shame Shame Shame on a Country that will do this to a citizen against their own wishes.

    I think I am going to be sick !

  2. Amy,
    thank you for your detailed care…I follow most of what you have done…almost exactly…but also have other things I do as well.

    I’m curious about the beet drink? I’m guessing it’s fermented and will look into it…you’re so right about keeping a healthy gut and fermented products are awesome…I like to drink Kombucha…

    my problem is that the chemical injury from being on drugs for so long has me very physically ill. I suspect it’s mytochondrial damage and don’t know how long it will take for me to recover…it’s got nothing to do with “bipolar” disorder at this point…

    let’s stay in touch,

  3. I am writing to share some information on how I manage “bipolar” without pharmeceutical drugs. I stopped eating foods that commonly cause allergies and “gut and psychology syndrome” So I stopped eating bread and pasteurized milk. I stopped eating caffeine or sugar, also. I added a protein at every meal. I ate probiotic foods such as yogurt and real sauerkraut a couple of times a day. Especailly important was adding beet kvass to my daily diet. Beets enhance serotonin and this Russian beverage revived me from psychotic depression each morning within moments after drinking it. I ate a couple of tablespoons of fish oil every day to repair my brain. Eliminating caffeine and sugar balanced my blood sugar. Fluctuations in blood sugar have a lot to do with my episodes of depression. It is best for me to eat a good breakfast. i feel better right away, my body needs food after a long night asleep without food. My Norwegian ancestors ate 4-6 times a day so I probably need to do that to feel at my best.
    These days I am much less careful about my diet, I have resumed eating some sugar and coffee but i notice that I feel best when I avoid these addictive, detrimental foods. The beet kvass is very srong flavored and I no longer need it every day. it worked like a miracle to hea damage done by “the medicine” which “WORKS” by blocking serotonin.
    I try not to work as hard as I used to to prevent “getting Manic” I can still work pretty hard, though, if i eat well and am content that i am making a difference, doing something worthwhile.
    I notice that when I start getting angry at how abusively I was treated by “doctors” and “nurses” I benefit by taking antioxidants or getting some exercise. Vegetable juice or raw cocoa nibs are really effective. Taking a few actions to spread the word about nutritional and herbal alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs also calms down my residual “post traumatic stress” disorder. I have used essentail oils at times when I felt kind of panicky or bad for no apparent reason. I now realize that these feelings were trauma memories that just hadn’t surfaced yet. Such memories often occur on “anniversary dates” of past traumas. I have just decided to live with some “symptoms” of emotional distress. I get pretty much 100% better when I work especially if I work for a cause I believe is important. I tend to revisit the past bad moments if I don’t have enough good things going on in the present. The anger from the injustice and te knowledge that this brutality and incompetence still exists also sets me off sometimes. I suppose it is built into us, to get us to fix problems and right wrongs.
    Thanks for creating this blog and I am happy to discuss my recovery protocol and help others succeed in getting away form oppressive treatments.

    Amy Storbakken

    When people begin helping people with these nutritional approaches ECT will be a thing of the past.

  4. I had the same thing. After three sessions I told them that I did not want to do anymore. They threatned taking me to court and obtaining a court order to have the rest done. Fearing that this was even possible since I went voluntary and not real real bad, just very depressed, I decided to go through with them. I didnt want any part of forced anything . So I went ahead with it and will never place myself in the care of psychiatrists in a hospital again. This guy Ray sounds a lot sicker then I was but the forcing of ect just makes people sicker. The psychological damage that it causes is huge. I hope that they respect this guys wishes and find a med that works. Even if he cant live in society, so be it, try other stuff. You dont force electricity through someones mind without their consent. End of story. Unless your nazi Germany and then its understandable.

  5. I still don’t get how could I call from Brazil. I would really like to call. I have no money so it would make not a difference few extra deficits. LOL
    That’s really great that something was brought to public attention.

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