Neurofeedback—exciting explanation

Neurofeedback worked wonders for me at the beginning of my withdrawal process. It stopped a life-long depression in it’s tracks, I got off my antidepressant and then off about 1/2 of my drugs with the help of neurofeedback.

For the drug naive it very well may be helpful in staying off meds to begin with. For people on drugs just a short while, a key to getting off of them. For me it was not enough because I had such profound chemical injury from being on drugs almost 2 decades. But I do know it’s power and want to share more information on it with you here.

These doctors don’t talk too much about it being used for severe psychiatric distress, but my doctor who used to work with the Othmers, who made this video, specializes and studies how neurofeedback works for those people labeled “bipolar.”

Once my body heals some from the chemical injury, I may return for more work with my doctor though he’s not sure I’ll benefit, simply because I’ve done so many other things to help regulate my brain.

In any case if you have someone who is highly skilled virtually anything that effects our stimulation level can be helped with neurofeedback and that includes all sorts of mental distress.

Also, this is a tool. It’s not a cure all.

I recently posted my understanding of neurofeedback here.

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  1. Hi Gianna,

    Your entry on Neurofeedback inspired a flurry of research on my part. I located a local clinic that does it in my area. I’ll be checking to see if they take insurance.

    I had an EEG done in 2000. I never personally viewed the results. I’ve been wanting to ask my therapist to request the record. You have motivated me to get it done. I’m sure the results will be helpful in my investigations of neurofeedback. Thanks!

  2. Greetings from Cork Ireland. Thank you very much for your post. This is the first I’ve heard of neurofeedback and you’ve made me wonder whether I would benefit from it. My interest is in doing all I can to prevent myself having another bout of severe depression. I’ll explore whether there is anyone using it over here.
    With best wishes

  3. in a way this is like passive meditation…I think ultimately doing it yourself is more healing…but some of us aren’t focused enough when we are on meds…which was my situation when I started neurofeedback…

  4. Really neurofeedback is not diagnosis dependent…psychiatric diagnosis is a bunch of crap in any case…the way our brain waves work is what determines how electrodes are placed on the head….

    I presented as “bipolar” yes, and my doc has an interest in what is considered the “bipolar” brain…but yeah, ultimately it doesn’t matter what your issue is…if training your brain waves can help it then it works…it’s a field in it’s infancy, so the trick is finding someone who has worked with someone with issues that have some similarity to yours…on the other hand someone very gifted can always train for balance and performance in anyone really.

    I did way more than 20 sessions…I’ve probably done more than 100 maybe more than 200…my brain was good and SCRAMBLED thanks to decades of drugs…but it kept me stable for a really long time…about 3 years until the withdrawal got real nasty…

    Anyway, it was my neuropsych doc who convinced me I could be med free…it was him who started me on this journey more than anyone else…

    he made me believe I could heal and he sure as hell got me started…

    let me know if you want to know anything else.

    oh, by the way…”ADHD” is what it’s most often used for in psychiatry…

  5. Gianna,
    This is very interesting. Did you do the 20 sessions or more? I know the focus on the YouTube is for headaches and migranes…and they stalked about how it could help autism, et al, but did you do this neurofeedback for bipolar? To get off drugs? Seems like it’s a retraining for possibly anything.

    I didn’t look at the information in your key words yet.
    I’m assuming it helps for ADHD.
    Thanks for sharing.

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