Enzymes and digestion

This is a rather strange and sometimes creepy video (at least the graphics are).

It’s a very good little primer to enzymes and how important they are, however. The information is accurate.

Even though it’s also a commercial. I do not take the product they are selling but I do take a variety of different sorts of Enzymes. Some I take with food and some I take on an empty stomach.

As I’ve told you, I have multiple improvements in my health even as I’m quite disabled. The ingestion of enzymes and probiotics have been a large part of these health improvments. My gut is healthy–I was cured of severe IBS, my psoriasis virtually gone, my hair thicker and shinier, I have no pain in my joints and I could go on.

Ultimately absorption of food and nutrients is key to heath and digestive and metabolic enzymes are a key part of that process.

Uh, they also leave out an important part of the process!! Digestion and enzyme function begin in the mouth!! Chew your food really well. The graphics on this video have the food going down into your stomach completely whole!! Chewing well is one of the best things you can do for your health!

Hat tip: Fiddy at Seroxat (paxil) Sufferers

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