Will Hall and Icarus featured in Newsweek

Will Hall's recovery story is here on this blog. The Newsweek article is here. This is an excerpt: We don't want to be normal," Will Hall tells me. The 43-year-old has been diagnosed as schizophrenic, and doctors have prescribed antipsychotic medication for him. But Hall would rather value his mentally extreme states than try to... Continue Reading →

L-Theanine comes into focus at the LA Times

I take L-Theanine along with a handful of other amino acids---it is also an amino acid. Besides helping my poor cognitively impaired brain focus a bit, it also relaxes me. I take my final dose at bedtime. A lot of this article I'm quoting from is crap. I'm excerpting a bit about some studies because... Continue Reading →

Parallels in obstetrics and psychiatry

By Leah Harris (mamadharma) It often strikes me as to how my experiences as a psychiatric survivor color most facets of my life, informing my perspectives and my choices in so many ways. When I became pregnant, I immediately knew that I did not wish to give birth in a hospital setting.  Given my past... Continue Reading →

Quote of the day

Some days we feel like strangers. When our hearts open, we will realize that we belong just here. - The Buddha

Stand by me

Played by unknown street musicians all over the world. This video had me crying tears of joy. (man that is the best darn thing about coming off the meds!! I cry all the damn time and it's just soo GOOD!!!)

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