Detox center, here I come (psychiatric drug withdrawal, benzodiazepines)

I have very little energy---much less than usual and it's a chronic and serious issue already. Today I talked to my journalist friend who is following my story. He told me everyone he's interviewed for his book who was detoxing from benzos at one time or another said, "I felt like I was dying." I... Continue Reading →

FDA approves new antipsychotic for schizophrenia — Fanapt

As you know drugs that get approved for Schizophrenia quickly get used off-label for everything. Risperdal was on the market only for one month, approved for schizophrenia, when it was given to me. That, of course, was truly the beginning of my hell journey on meds. So we need to be aware of this new... Continue Reading →

Quote of the day

Intellectually we may realize that we need to look deeply inside, yet we don’t really know it. There are people we laugh at because they can’t see the most obvious things about themselves. Well, those people are us! We have to acknowledge that we often simply don’t want to see the aspects of ourselves that... Continue Reading →

seeing stars

Beautiful song and video by someone who just subscribed to my youtube channel. So glad I got to hear this song. Anyone know who the artist is?

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